About Me

About Me

PS Racing Pro is all about delivering the most simulated and immersive racing experience to your PlayStation console. If you’re a fan of racing games, then you know that a controller, just doesn’t cut it.

We all secretly desire a way to feel the speed, physically control the car, and immerse ourselves into the game, more than any standard controller can offer.

Hey, I’m James. For me this passion started on the Xbox 360 playing Forza Motorsport and eventually it led me to the PlayStation and Gran Turismo.

While the racing games themselves were great, the driving experience left ALOT TO BE DESIRED, because…

“I wanna race and feel like I’m in the race”

Nowadays all the options are available from steering wheels to pedals and cockpits to wheel stands. You can even use transducers or make homemade vibration systems to make your cockpit shake when your car hits the rumble strips on the track. Overall though if you are playing PS racing games and not even using a wheel, you are completely missing out on the entire racing experience.

Getting Started

If you are looking to get started racing on your PS console, below are my best suggestions for a setup. I have chosen this products based on quality and value. You certainly don’t have to get it all, but at a minimum you gotta get your hands on a racing wheel.

Recommended Starter Setup:

There are of course other options like additional steering wheel rims and more advanced pedals, but this setup will run you right around a $1000 and get you totally immersed in your racing games. There are of course cheaper PS4 wheel alternatives.

Console Racing Simulators

Simulator setups on consoles, like the PlayStation and the Xbox, will never be a true racing simulator. For that you need to get a PC setup and spend about $10,000. For me, that cost is just not in my budget. So my goal here at PS Racing Pro is to find the most simulated and immersive experience affordable on a console and bring to you the latest information about PlayStation Racing.

Steering Wheel vs Controller

When it comes down to a steering wheel versus a controller, there is much debate about which gets faster lap times. I guess it really depends on who the gamer is. The one thing that is NOT debatable is that the racing wheel is WAY MORE FUN! I guarantee that with a full racing setup you will have moments where your heart is beating out of your chest and you will forget you are in your house.

I love racing games and I want you to experience them the way they were meant to be played…

“…strapped into a chair, jamming the throttle to the floor, gripping your fingers around a leather rim, and leaving gamers holding controllers in the dust”!

PS Racing Pro’s Mission

This website is all about affordable racing equipment options for any level of racer from casual to pro gamer and building a community around our favorite genre…racing games

See You At the Finish Line,
James Sig



P.S. if you have any questions about PS Racing Pro or any PS racing products, don’t hesitate to use our contact form or leave a comment below.