Best Cheap PS4 Steering Wheel for Racing

Best Cheap PS4 Steering Wheel for Racing

When you add a PS4 steering wheel to your arsenal, your racing game immersion goes from 0 to 10 instantly. However, not everybody has the space or the budget for pimping out their PS4 racing experience.

While I can’t help you improve your gaming space, I can show you which is the best cheap PS4 racing wheel on the market. You really have about 3 viable choices that are at least worth a look and the prices range from about $70 up to $150. After that the next price point is about $300 for a base level package.

Here are the 3 wheels we will discuss below: The Thrustmaster T150, The Hori Racing Wheel 4, and the Thrustmaster T80. We will discuss the basic specs of each will, list them in the order of most expensive to least expensive, do a brief comparison of the driving wheels, and then wrap up on our thoughts of which is the best cheap PS4 steering wheel.

Cheap Budget Racing Wheels for PS4

Thrustmaster T150 Steering Wheel ($150)


The Thrustmaster T150 comes standard with a racing wheel and two pedal set. Its compatible with the PS3, PS4, and PC. The T150 features true force feedback and vibration with 1080 degrees of rotation. The motor is powered by a mixed belt pulley and gear drive.

T150 Specs

The rim is 11 inches in diameter with plastic rubber grips. It has two 5 inch paddle shifters, 13 action buttons and a d-pad. The pedals are made of plastic and both the throttle and brake have angle adjustment. Pedal set can be hard mounted with M6 screws to a chasis.

T150 has Upgradability

While the rim cant be swapped out, you can upgrad pedals to use T3pa wide pedal set, T3pa pro pedal set, or T500 RS pedals. You can also add the TH8A shifter. Also this wheel will work with a set of Logitech pedals or a set of Fanatec pedals with an after market adapter.

If you were to get the T150 wheel, t3pa pro pedals, and th8a shifter it would come to just under $450. My best recommendation is the T150 and T3PA wide pedal set which comes to just under $250. You can read our full T150 review here or pick one up today to start sim racing on your console.

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Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel ($90)

Thrustmaster t80 steering wheel ps3 ps4

The Thrustmaster T80 is considered a budget racing wheel and comes with a two pedal set.Its compatible with the PS3 and PS4. It does not have force feedback or vibration and only offers 270 degrees of rotation. It is powered by classic Thrustmaster technology with a bungee cord system that creates a center spring effect feel. It does have adjustable wheel sensitivity for more precise driving.

T80 Specs

The rim is 11 inches in diameter with plastic rubber grips. it features two mounted plastic paddle shifters, 11 action buttons, and a D-pad. The pedals are plastic and the throttle and brake have adjustbale pedal angle. The pedal set can be hard mounted with M6 screws to a chasis. You can read our full T80 review here or check it out at Amazon.

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Hori Racing Wheel 4 ($70)

Hori Racing Wheel For PlayStation

The Hori Racing Wheel 4 comes with a racing wheel and a two pedal set. Its compatible with the PS3 and PS4. It does have force feedback and vibration, but only offers 180 degrees of rotation. While it doesn’t advertise the internal mechanism, it feels like it operates off the same internal components as a Dual Shock Controller.

Hori Racing Wheel 4 Specs

The wheel rim is about 10 inches in diameter and has rubber grips. It has two small plastic paddle shifters, that don’t spin with the wheel. It features 10 action buttons and a d-pad. The pedals have an arch design to them and have a fold out car mat. The wheel is only mountable via suction cups so you need to make sure you have a smooth surface to stick the wheel on. You can read our full Hori Racing Wheel 4 review here or you can check it out with the link below.

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Comparison of the T150, Hori 4, and T80 Wheels


Cheap PS4 Racing Wheel Comparison

The Thrustmaster T150 is the Best Budget Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4

For me one of the biggest factors that makes the T150 a much better choice than the T80 and the Hori 4 is it’s ability to add on components. Even if you’re not in the market now for a 3 pedal set and a shifter, this would allow you to add it in the future if you were looking to scale up. The T150 also has a much better feedback mechanism and in general will deliver a much better racing experience.

The 2 Inexpensive Choices Under a $100 are Pretty Similar

The Hori 4 and the T80 are pretty close in price, but have two big differences. The T80 has 270 degrees of rotation, but no force feedback or vibration, while the Hori 4 only has 180 degrees of vibration, but has resistance and vibration. If you are in the market for a PS4 racing wheel under $100, that is what you need to decide…bigger rotation angle or a wheel with resistance.

Which is the Best Cheap PS4 Racing Wheel?

The Thrustmaster T150 is the best budget friendly choice particularly because of it’s ability to have some upgradability. As I mentioned above a solid entry level package would be the T150 and a set of T3PA wide pedals (which is a 3 pedal set). If $150 is a bit steep for you and you are looking for a wheel under $100, I think the Hori wheel is the next best choice. There is a lot to like about the T80 over the Hori wheel, but the cost of the Hori wheel and the fact that offers feedback and vibration make it a better value (and you can even spend $20 less).

So here is how I rank the budget racing wheels in order:

  1. Thrustmaster T150: $150
  2. Hori Racing Wheel 4: $70
  3. Thrustmaster T80: $90

No matter which inexpensive PlayStation 4 wheel you chose, all will offer a much improved racing experience over a gamepad. I don’t really love the $100 or less wheels, but that’s just what the market has to offer. The T150 though is definitely a much higher grade wheel than the other two.

If you are curious about the next level up of racing wheels in the mid teir price range, take a look at the Logitech G29 and the Thrustmaster T300RS.

Check Out Budget Racing Wheels for PS 4 at Amazon

Have you tried racing with a steering wheel on your PlayStation? If so which one? Let me know your thought in the comment section below.

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