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Are you a hardcore gamer? Then, an ordinary keyboard and mouse must not be enough for you to play PC games in your laptop right? Most PC or laptop games can be played by using ordinary keyboard and mouse pad available in your laptop, but for a serious gamer, these peripherals are definitely not enough. But, thankfully there are many gaming devices are available in market today that offer real-time gaming experience to the players, and joystick is one of such gaming devices that helps players to enhance their gaming experience.

If you want to improvise your game playing, a good quality joystick for laptop can help you to take your gaming experience to the next level. However, joysticks are not only available for laptops but also it supports other devices such as PCs, video games and other gaming consoles etc.

The joysticks for laptops we have selected represent high quality, offer good value, and designed to offer highest standard gaming performance. If you are planning to switch from an ordinary keyboard & mouse to advanced gaming, you can check out our listed products:

SQDeal 2 Pack USB Double Dual Shock Gaming Controller Joystick for Laptop Windows

Add more fun to your gaming with this outstanding SQDeal joystick, & spend your leisure time playing your favorite game. This Double Dual Shock Gaming Controller is 100% brand new & offers highest quality gaming experience to the players.

SQDeal is a renowned manufacturer of third-party gaming accessories and consoles for laptops, PCs, mobile devices, known for their solid quality and good value. The SQDeal joystick is an outstanding device from this manufacturer, which offers outstanding performance at great price.

The joystick is compatible with multiple operating systems, so connecting it with your laptop will not be an issue. It is very easy-to-use and provides smooth performance without giving any interruptions to the players. No matter how much complicated your game is; you can overcome any obstacles with the smooth control of this SQDeal Joystick for Laptop.


This device is compatible with several operating systems including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Vista, Windows Win7 etc.

It is very lightweight & comes with a sleek & compact design, allowing players to easily operate their game without interruptions.

It is very easy-to-install. You don’t need any external hardware or software to connect it with your laptop. Just connect the USB & start playing.

Features dual vibration feedback motors, easy to grab buttons and flexible-touch, allowing better control over any kind of games.

Works smoothly for numerous old & modern PC games.

Long wired cable (approximately 1.5 m / 4.9 feet) allows players to move around and play comfortably.

One of the best pros about this device is it is available at an affordable price. One can easily afford it.


This joystick for laptop does not obtain many negative sides, which make it a perfect product for every game player. However, if you are running the latest operating system in your laptop i.e., Windows 10, then this joystick is not for you.


SQDeal Double Dual Shock Gaming Controller Joystick for Laptop has received a large amount of positive feedbacks from its users by providing an enhanced gaming experience. With an amazing design, superior quality, plug and play installation, easy-control features and affordable price, this device is most definitely a better product for gamers.

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Logitech 3D Pro Joystick for Windows

Logitech 3D Pro Joystick for laptop is an outstanding product by Logitech that offers outstanding performance and durability. Packed with advanced features and technology, the extreme 3D pro device will make your game playing experience outstandingly amazing.

Logitech is a renowned brand which is already very popular for offering a wide range high quality computer peripherals & accessories. This device is very easy to install and lightweight in nature, offering easy control to the players. It features 12 programmable buttons with eight-way rubber hat switch which gives you optimum control to kill your enemies very easily. Some of the other features that make this device an ultimate joystick for laptop are its accuracy, throttle controls, durability, compact design, smooth performance and stability.


Logitech 3D Pro joystick features simple plug and play installation.

Extreme 3D Pro twist handle gives optimum control and helps players to act at every single moment without missing any anything.

The 8-way hat switch helps players to easily switch from one point of view to another quickly. It is especially designed to help players to precisely capture input specific to flight simulations.

It also features a twist rudder control to allow players to control the game one-handedly with a smaller device footprint.

Comfortable sculpted curved hand grip allows players to play games for hours without feeling any pain or uneasiness.


Logitech3D Pro joystick for laptop is definitely not a product with negative sides. However, if you like to play using both hands, then this joystick might not be a suitable option for you.


Logitech3D Pro joystick has received outstanding feedback from its users. It is even considered as one of the best joysticks for PC, laptop and gaming consoles. Starting from design, durability, controls, accuracy, to performance, everything about this device is just perfect. However, you might get one or two bad reviews from users which are merely their personal usage problem with the device. Otherwise, you can say that it an outstanding device with superb features and functionalities that will help you to take pleasure of your game completely.

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Microsoft Wired Controller Joystick for Laptop

Get ready to enjoy the most excellent gaming experience with the best joystick for laptop i.e., Microsoft wired controller joystick. However, let me make you clear about the fact that this joystick is only suitable for the windows OS holder and Xbox 360 holder. If your laptop features MAC OS then this joystick is simply not for you. But, Windows users can now expand their gaming thrill to a new height and move ahead of the ordinary mouse and keyboard with the help of this extraordinary Microsoft Wired Controller Joystick for laptop.

Starting from an excellent design, exceptional durability, solid griping system to advanced functionality, and this joystick has not missed a single point to make the users sad about its features. Moreover, being a product from the house of Microsoft, the price that it holds is just unbelievable.


Compact and ergonomic design allows players to play in comfort on their laptop or PC or Xbox360 console without facing any interruption.

It features vibration feedback which offers entrancing playing experience to the players.

The thin, flexible cord is designed brilliantly to give the players no sense of its presence even it is there with the joystick.

The powered USB port allows very easy connectivity.

Perfect thumb sticks with indentions that prevent slipping of hands when fast movement is required. So now play your game without thinking about any interruptions.

Moreover, to offer more enhanced control to the players it features 8-way directional pad and two pressure-point triggers.


When it comes to the negative sides, you cannot trigger any point about this device. Being a product of Microsoft with support of Windows laptop and Xbox 360 consoles, it offers perfect functionality to its target users. But, as it does not support MAC OS and other consoles, you can consider it as a negative side.

Feedback: Just like the other gadgets and devices of Microsoft, the Microsoft Wired Controller Joystick for Laptop is another outstanding product which has received outstanding feedback from its users. The product features excellent functionalities along with a great design, vibration feedback, greater control and affordable price. By using this device you can easily spend your leisure hours in the most fun way by slashing your enemies easily.

However, there are two or three bad reviews are also there which are definitely negligible compared to the optimistic reviews that it has received from its users.

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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Joystick

The Thrustmaster T-Flight joystick for laptop is an ideal product that can take your gaming knowledge to the next level of stimulation. With wonderful features and functionalities, this gaming pad is especially designed to make your gaming experience highly superior. Starting from outstanding design, ergonomically-designed throttle control, 12 programmable buttons and 5 axels, quality material and high performance, you will get everything in this device that you need to play the most complicated game most easily. You just need to simply plug the cable with your laptop and start playing your favorite game instantly.


Dual-system aerodynamic control that allows players to control the device either by rotating the handle or by tilting lever.

12 programmable buttons and 5 axles offer easy adaptability to the games.

Adjustable resistance offers highest accuracy to the device

It offers internal memory that allows you to save your programming.

The wide hand-rest design offers optimal comfort to the players while using the device.

Thrustmaster T-Flight also features two unique features including “Mapping” & “PRESET” button. The “MAPPING” button allows players to switch from one function to another function instantly. And, the “PRESET” button allows players to switch from one programme to another while playing the game.

It features detachable and advanced ergonomically-designed throttle control.

Offers better stability with weighted base features.


Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Joystick is one of the best joysticks for laptops that help gamers to enjoy their gameplay more conveniently. There are very few people who said something negative about this product so far.

Feedback: Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Joystick has created a great place in market by offering outstanding performance to gamers. The product is solid build, weighted base, easy-to-control and compatible with many operating systems, allowing a wide variety of game lovers to avail the benefits offered by this product.

This joystick contains all the features that a gamer will need to enjoy their gaming completely. Moreover, the price of this product is highly reasonable, and thus nobody has to break their bank to buy a joystick for laptop.

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ZD-V+ Gaming Controller Joystick for Laptop

ZD-V+ Gaming Controller Joystick is an outstanding product that not only supports laptop but also it support Android and gaming consoles. So, if you want to experience a real-life gaming experience in any of these three devices, this joystick is the best option for you. This joystick is compatible with a lot of operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc. Plus, it also support Play Station 3 and Android version 4.0 and above. So, even if you want to play your game in your latest purchased mobile or tablet, the ZD-V+ joystick will help you to do so. One of the best features liked by most users about this product is the multi-mode function.


The joystick features multi-mode including Xinput, Android & DirectInput.

It features Vibration Feedback Function.

Features JD-SWTICH Function

It support plug & play installation but only for the game that supports Xinput mode / Play Sation 3

Lightweight and offers easy-control features.

Durable, solid buttons and compact design.


ZD-V+ Gaming Controller Joystick has received a lot of love from its users. But, sadly it doesn’t support Xbox 360, Xbox One and Mac OS which is one of the negative sides of this product. On the other hand, it only supports the Plug and Play features for laptop or PC games which support Xinput mode / Play Sation 3.

Feedback: Even though some game lovers cannot use this joystick because of the limitation, but those who have used this device have given excellent feedback about its overall performance and features. This product is packed with advanced features, which offer rich playing experience to the players with an easy-control. Moreover, the price of the device is very reasonable, allowing every gamer to buy the joystick without worrying about money.

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All the joysticks given in our list are best joysticks for laptops available in current market. These products are highly featured, affordably priced and offers great performance to its users. If you are looking for a good quality joystick for laptop to experience an outstanding game playing experience, you can go through the above products to find a suitable joystick for your laptop based on your requirements & budget.

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