Best PSVR Steering Wheel Setup For Racing Games on PS4

Best PSVR Steering Wheel Setup For Racing Games on PS4

PlayStation VR with VR racing games is absolutely insane!

While a full setup can be a little pricey, it will deliver a sim racing experience directly into your house and blur the lines of reality. There will be moments your brain may actually think you are a real race car driver.

Today I will break down the 8 products you need to create the most immersive racing experience on your PlayStation console using a PSVR. First we will take a look at all of the products and then I will break down each items specs, offer alternative choices, and then tell you why I think this choice is best.

Best PlayStation Racing Wheel and Pedal Setup for PSVR

Here are they 8 core products I recommend for the most immersive Playstation VR racing setup. this list covers everything form wheel to pedals, VR headset to console, and all the peripherals you need.

Best PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel, Clutch and Shifter

The heart of your VR racing setup is the driving peripherals themselves. This includes the wheelbase, the steering wheel, the pedals, and the shifter. My #1 recommendation for the PS4 is the Thrustmaster T300 wheelbase and then upgraded Thrustmaster add-on’s.

T300RS Wheelbase

T300RS Servo Base

The T300 Servo Base, is a standalone edition of the wheel base for PlayStation4’s acclaimed T300RS racing wheel.

It features: Force Feedback with a brushless servo motor, frictionless dual belt drive mechanism, 0 latency, wheel rotation angle adjustable from 270 up to 1080°, contactless magnetic sensors, 16-bit resolution, a Quick Release System for changing wheel rims, Table clamp for mounting, pre drilled holes for hard mounting, upgradeable firmware, Ecosystem-Ready gamers can purchase add-ons to obtain the best driving experience, works natively on the PS4, compatible with PS4, PS3, PSVR, and PC.

Alternatives to the T300

Other options you could consider would be the Fanatec ClubSport which sells for about $600. You could also look at The Logitech G29 ($350) or The Thrustmaster T150 ($200)

Why I like the Thrustmaster T300 Wheelbase with PSVR

This wheelbase provides smooth, precise, and strong force feedback. It provides a good feel for the road that lets you sense every bump and it gives you the most control you have ever felt over a virtual car. When the rear end of your car starts sliding out you can feel every bit of it in the vibration and force feedback which allows you to make fine tune steering adjustments. This my favorite wheelbase for VR because it has great quality and performance and the price comes in for less than you would pay for your console. You can read T300 Wheelbase reviews here.

Ferrari 599XX Evo Alcantara Replica Rim

Ferrari 599XX Evo Replica Rim

This add on Thrustmaster rim is an 8/10 scale replica of the Ferrari 599XX Evo racing rim. It is about an inch and a half larger than all other Thrustmaster add on rims and is wrapped in premium Alcantara from the Ferrari factory in Italy.

It is made out of authentic, high quality materials, officially licensed by Ferrari, has hand stitched Alcantara used on Ferrari wheels imported from Italy, was
designed to meet real automotive standards, has polyurethane molding and a steel internal hoop which provides improved feel for Force Feedback effects, 11.8 inch (30 cmm) diameter wheel rim, 2mm thick brushed metal center plate, 2 five inch paddle shifters, Weighs less than 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) which is also better for force feedback, Easy access buttons you can reach with your thumbs (important when you are playing with a VR headset), Tact switch (lifecycle exceeding 10,000,000 uses), Wheel can detach from base via Thrustmaster Quick Release system.

Alternatives to the 599XX Evo Rim

Other wheel rim options to consider would be the Ferrari Challenge Rim, the 28 GT Leather Rim, and the Ferrari Formula One Replica Rim.

Why I Like the 599XX Evo for the T300 Wheelbase

There are a few things that stand out about the 599XX Evo rim. The larger diameter wheel rim makes it feel more like a race car wheel which is more immersive. The Alcantara (which is like a premium suede) is very nicely done and there is a good amount of padding in the steering wheel rim itself. This rim is really lite weight which is better for inertia and puts less strain on your wheelbase motor. The rim also transfers small micro vibrations into your hands unlike any other Thrustmaster Add-on rim I have ever used. There are 4 action buttons which are easily reachable with your thumbs while you are driving which is important because when you have the PSVR headset on you cant see where the buttons are. You can read reviews on the 599XX Evo rim here.

T3PA Pro Invertable 3 Pedal Set

T3PA Pro Invertable Pedals

The T3PA Pro pedal set is the highest graded pedal set made by Thrustmaster. It comes with a throttle, brake, and clutch pedal that can be inverted from F1 racing style (#1 in image above) to GT racing style (#2 in image above).

These pedals feature: 3 invertable pedals; floor-mounted (F1-style) and suspended (GT-style), 100% metal construction, adjustable pedal face plates (3 positions per pedal), adjustable incline on each pedal (2 positions per pedal), adjustable height for each pedal (4 positions for the gas pedal / 3 for the brake and clutch), large grated metal foot rest to reduce slipping of your heel, weighs more than 15 lbs which gives them maximum stability, offers two options for brake mods to simulate real brake pressure – a concial brake mod and a spring brake mod which get installed underneath the brake pedal.

Alternatives to T3PA Pro

Other 3 pedal set options would be the T3PA Wide pedal set, the T3PA Pro’s with a load cell brake.

Why I Like the T3PA Pro Pedals for the T300 Wheelbase

If you are trying to create the most immersive PSVR racing experience than having a pedal set that is invertable, made of metal, and has adjustbale brake mods is very important. A good pedal set like these helps reduce your lap times because you can hit your braking lines and distances correctly and you have an accurate high resolution throttle that doesn’t overreact to you inputs. The Pro pedals are very heavy, built to last, and can survive a beating…trust me I jam on my brake pedal really hard all the time. You can read reviews about the T3PA Pro Pedals here.

TH8A 7 Speed H Pattern Shifter

Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Review

The TH8A shifter is the only shifter that works in the Thrustmaster eco-system. It has two shifter plates on for a 7 gear H-pattern and the other is a sequential shifter plate. This shifter is built extremely well and is one my favorite peripherals for immersion.

The shifter features: a clamp support so you can mount it on anything, 100% metal internal parts, metal gear stick shift, contactless magnetic sensors so that the precision doesnt decrease over time, no tact switches or potentiometers so the product shpuld have an unlimted lifespan, changeable shifter knob so you can add an aftermarket automotive shift knob.

Alternatives to TH8A

There are no alternatives shifetrs that will work with the Thrustmaster T300 Wheelbase

Why I Like the TH8A Shifter with Playstation VR

If VR wasn’t immersive enough the ability to shift gears while you race takes it to the next level. The TH8A shifter feels really good when the car gets into gear. Overall I do feel like the shifting distance feels a little bit long, but there are 3rd party mods you can get that shorten the shifting throw. One of my favorite features of this shifter is the ability to change the knob, for mine I have added a real Sparco racing shift knob…doesn’t get more real than that. you can read reviews about the TH8A shifter here.

Best Racing Seat for Play Station VR

OpenWheeler Advanced Sim Racing Seat

OpenWheeler Advanced Simulated Driving Cockpit

The Openwheeler Advanced Racing seat is very comfortable for to sit in for long hours of racing. There are multiple versions of it that are designed with different steering wheel and pedal plates so you can mount various brands. It’s also one of the only seats available in multiple colrs like red, orange, blue, black, and green.

The sim racing cockpit features: Compatible with PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, PSVR, Xbox one, Xbox360, Nintendo: WII, GameCube, N64, SEGA and PC, Steel frame with a very stable base so it won’t tip under extreme driving, real racing polyester bucket seat, adjustable pedal plate angle, adjustable wheel plate angle, back of seat can be reclined, center column can be moved towards ir away from the seat to accommodate people of various heights, gear shifter can be mounted to the left hand side or the right hand side of the seat.

OpenWheeler Advanced Drving Seat Alternatives

Other good racing seats to check out are the Playseat Evolution, GT Omega RS6, and the Playseat F1 Cockpit.

Why I Like the OpenWheeler Advanced with PlayStation Virtual Reality

There is alot to like about the OpenWheeler Advanced particularly all of it’s adjustability to accommodate people of different heights and body types. Its also one of the few cockpits at this price point that allows you to mount your shifter on either side of the seat. I particularly like it with PSVR because the way the frame is designed you can use plastic ties to organize the cords for the headset onto the frame. It keeps everything looking clean and tidy especially since the PSVR has quite a few cables. This sim racing rig is super comfortable for long periods of time and even as optional lumbar support cushions that you can purchase separately if you have a bad back. You can read reviews about the OpenWheeler Advanced here.

PSVR Offers the Most Immersive Racing Experience on a Console

PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset


The PS VR headset is the device that adds immersion unlike any other gaming console peripheral. While VR it’s still new technology and new racing game titles are still being developed for the virtual reality platform it signifies the dawn of a new age for sim racing for console gamers.

The PSVR headseat features: a comfortable head band, rubber around the nose and eyes for comfort and blocking out light, a remote mid way down the cable with buttons for power, volume, and a toggle microphone, a headphone jack, a pair of ear buds to enable 3D sound, all the cords and power supply to hook it up to your console, a wide field of vision, the ability to adjust focus by moving the viewing screen towards or away from your face, a comfortable fit for someone with eye glasses.

Alternatives to the PlayStation VR

To date there is no other VR headset that works with any console. Your only other options are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which are VR headsets that you would use for virtual reality sim racing on your PC.

Why I Like the PSVR

The price of the PSVR is more affordable than any other virtual reality option. It takes games like DriveClub VR and WRC 6 to the next level. You can literally look around the cockpit inside of your car while you are racing, check your mirrors before changing lanes, and look into the apex of the turn to make sure you are catching the best racing line. Another thing I LOVE about the PSVR is that unlike a PC to to get the immersive feel of racing you need to have a VR headset or triple screens, both options are PC are very expensive. With PSVR you don’t even technically need a TV. You just need a racing setup, the VR headset, a PlayStation console, and the PS camera. You can read reviews about the Play Station VR Headset here.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Processes VR Smoother

PS 4 Pro Console

The Sony PS4-Pro console features the latest and greatest technology. It was built to handle Virtual Reality gaming better than the previous iterations of the console.

The PS4 Pro features: the console and 1 dual shock controller, enhanced gameplay support for faster frame rates needed for smooth operating VR, compatibility with every PlayStation game title on the market, Online game play via PlayStation-Plus, Up to 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content. Available in 1 TB or 500 GB bundles.

Alternatives to the PS4Pro console

Other console options are the standard PS4 and the PS4 Slim consoles.

Why I Like the PlayStation4 Pro

The Pro console makes gaming in VR much smoother because it can handle the high frame rates required for VR. The other consoles handle VR quite well, but there is a noticeable in the graphical quality, lag, and screen tears that you get from lower frame rate processing. While the Pro console is certainly not required for an immersive racing experience in VR as more racing games hit the market designed for higher end specs you will be glad that you have a console that can handle them. You can read reviews about the PS4 Pro Console here.

PlayStation4 Carmera for Tracking Your Head Movement

PS 4 Camera

The PS Camera is required to run a PSVR because it tracks your head movement as you turn your head while driving.

The Camera features: the ability to broadcast yourself while you game, add picture on picture video of yourself during gameplay streaming sessions, the ability to track the light on your dual shock controller for player tracking, the ability to track the PSVR for head tracking, you can also log in and navigate your console hands free, and use voice commands.

Alternatives to the PS4 Camera

The old camera should work fine if you have one, you don’t need to buy this new one they are marketing with the PSVR, its the same thing.

Why You Need The Camera for the VR Headset

Without the camera the VR won’t work. The camera works hand in hand with the headset to track your head movement. It’s really the PS Camera device that allows your headset to detect when your head is moving and looking around while you race. Unfortunately for now purchasing the camera with the PSVR is a necessary evil. You can read reviews about the >PS Camera here.

Get Ready For Immersive Racing

With these 8 products combined this is about the maximum amount of simulation you can get on your console. If you were to start from scratch and buy all 8 pieces your total cost would come to just over $2,000. If you were to go for higher end driving peripherals from brands like Fanatec you would easily jack these costs up to around $3,000. The products I am recommending here are best in class for their price and offer high quality, durability, and a fantastic immersive racing experience for virtual reality racing games.

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  • Matti Panduro says:

    Yeah great review of hardware but you forget to mention how to use all this on the PS!

    ONLY option right now is Driveclub VR which isn’t an option at all if youre ready to pay this kind of money for a virtual driving experience.

    GT Sport was set to release this november but has been delayed to the point where preorders has been refunded and no new release date, which probably means mid 2017 as the earliest and 2018 worst case.

    Sorry to say, go Vive and PC where theres options like Assetta Corsa, Project Cars and iRacing, if you wanna race.

    Retards from a disgruntled PSVR, Logitech G29 wheel and pedal owner with NO VR racing game to play 🙁

    • James says:

      Hey Matt,

      Great comment!!! Yeah DriveClub VR is your only option at the moment. I wrote this article ahead of the curve knowing we were going to get the likes of GT sport coming out, but I didn’t know it was going to be delayed again. The HTC Vive is an awesome experience racing for sure, but for most people its the high end computer specs that make it impractical for the common consumer.


  • Jonny Pol says:

    Hello, i am using the PSVR with iRacing, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa on PC. This can be done easy with TrinusPSVR and SteamVR. So the 400,- is well worth it 😉

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