Best Racing Wheel for DriveClub VR with PSVR

Best Racing Wheel for DriveClub VR with PSVR

Casual gamers who like racing games often like driving in chase cam view and using a controller…Driveclub VR is about to change that!

With the PLaystation Virtual Reality headset cockpit view will become the standard and a racing wheel will make you wish you had never played with a dual shock controller.

PSVR, cockpit view, and a PlayStation steering wheel will amplify the immersion, allow you to use your natural car driving skills, and make the game DriveClub one of the best VR racing games amongst all virtual reality platforms.

There are several racing wheels compatible for the PS4, but how do you know which one is best? In this article I will break down the best steering wheel option and all of the driving peripherals that will make for the most immersive racing experience in DriveClub VR.

Best Steering Wheel for Racing in DriveClub VR

Thrustmaster T300

T300Rs Integral Edition

The Thrustmaster T300 is a great racing wheel compatible with both PlayStation 4 and PC and works like a champ with DriveClub VR. It translates the feel of the road to allow to you react to how the car is handling and provides smooth, quiet, and strong force feedback. It is my most recommended wheel for PS4 and is the perfect accessory to take your PSVR racing to the most immersive racing experience imaginable.

The T300 comes in 3 different options:

All three units work with the Thrustmaster Eco System that allow you to change the rim, upgrade your pedals, and add a shifter.

The best value is the Integral edition as it comes with the T300RS servo base and then two upgrades; the T3PA Wide pedals (gas, brake, and clutch) and the 599XX Evo Alcanara rim; Thrustmaster’s largest diameter steering wheel rim.

PlayStation VR, Drive Club and the T300RS in Action

Here is what the Thrustmaster T300 Integral Edition has to offer:

Thrustmaster T300 Integral Specs

T300RS Servo BaseWheelbase: 270 to 1080 to degrees of adjustable rotation adjustable on the fly, friction free dual belt motor, wheel Resolution is 16 bits, force feedback motor is brushless, native PS4 compatibility where you can navigate the user interface on your console, Internal memory and upgradeable firmware, rim can be changed via Thrustmaster’s quick-release system,, mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount, and compatible with all of the peripherals in the Thrustmaster eco-system.

Great Force Feedback Strength and Performance

The T300 wheelbase delivers smooth, quiet, and strong force feedback. You will feel your wheel pulling back towards center as you fight for control in the corners. The turning radius is precise and 1 to 1 with your hands in the PSVR eadset which make it feel like a very natural driving experience. There isn’t any lag or delay and your brain will be tricked into thinking you are in a race car. The force feedback gives off a sense of when your car is loosing grip in the back which allows you to make fine tuning steering adjustments to keep your car on the track.

The wheel base features a mode button that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the force feedback while you are racing in the event you feel like it’s too strong for you to manage.

Thrustmaster 599XX Evo Rim Review599XX Evo Rim: 11.8 inch diameter D-shaped rim (8/10 size replica of the racing wheel from the Ferrari 599XX EVO race car), Covered in real Alcantara from the Ferrari factory in Italy, modeled after automotive standards with polyurathane molding, steel internal hoop, very nicely padded, 9 action button + D-pad, 2 metal Paddle shifters are 5 inches (13 cm) – wheel mounted (rotate with the wheel), 2mm thick brush black metal center column.

The 599XX Evo Rim Looks and Feels Real

The 599XX EVO rim on the integral edition is an 8/10 size rim modeled to look like the real racing rim from Ferrari’s 599XX Evo race car. The Alcantara (from the Spa Ferrari factory) is really soft and nicely hand stitched around the wheel rim. Overall the rim is extremely light, well padded, and you can feel micro vibrations from the terrain in your hands. The buttons are also easily accessible on the rim within reach of your thumbs, which is a big deal when you have a PSVR strapped to your head and you can’t see the wheel! This is one of the nicest feeling steering wheel rims on the market and is about an inch and a half larger than all the other Thrustmaster rims currently available. If you were to buy it separately it goes for about $179.

Thrustmaster T3PA PedalsT3PA Wide pedal set: Throttle, brake, and clutch pedals, thick metal face plates on each pedal, adjustable angles and spacing on pedal face plates, wide plastic foot rest, resolution is 10 bits, brake has an adjustable conical brake mod (rubber stopper) that offers progressive resistance and simulates real brake pressure, pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the foot rest for hard mounting on a wheel stand or cockpit, pedals plug directly into the T300 wheelbase.

The T3PA Wide Pedals Simulate Brake Pressure

The T3PA pedals that come with the Integral Edition are an upgrade from the plastic two pedal set that comes with the standard RS edition. The clutch and the brake pedal both have a similar resistance, but the brake pedal features an adjsutable conical brake mod (a rubber stopper) to simulate brake pressure. It is really easy to adjust by hand turning a bolt on the back of the module.

With the conical brake mod set to about 75% engaged, you can brake much more accurately and nail your braking points on corner entry. This will cut down your lap times and increase the immersion factor because it feels like your braking in a real car. If I had any complaints about the T3PA Wide pedals it’s that I find the throw distance on the clutch to be a bit long. If you were to buy the T3PA’s separately they goes for about $100.

“This is the best valued package for the PS4 and will make Driveclub VR feel damn near close to the real thing”

Mounting Options – Table Clamp, Wheel Stand or Cockpit

The T300 wheelbase comes with a table clamp for mounting and you can easily attach it to a desk or a table. The best solution though is to hard mount it. The bottom of the wheel base and pedals contain pre-drilled holes so you can hard mount it on all of the popular wheel stands and sim cockpits. One of the cockpits I like for Thrustmaster wheels and pedals is the Open Wheeler Advanced.

PS4, PS3, PS Virtual Reality and PC Compatibility

The T300 is compatible on Playstation 3, Playstation 3, and PC and will work seemlessly with PSVR and Drive Club VR

Why This Wheel and Pedal Set is a Great Value

Simply put…it saves you money. If you were to buy all three components separately you would spend $260 for the wheel base, $179 for the Rim, and $100 for the pedals = $539

The Integral Edition sells for $470 so it saves you about $69 and you get all three products bundled together.


Upgrade With the Thrustmaster Eco System

One of the coolest things about this wheel and most Thrustmaster products is your ability to add on and upgrade.

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro ReviewThere is an upgraded pedal set called the T3PA Pro’s, which you can invert from F1 to GT style, they are made all metal, and they have a concial brake mod and an alternate spring brake mod. They are more robust than the T3PA Wide Set that comes with T300 Integral Edition, but are fairly equal in performance. There are also options from third party vendors where you can get the T3PA pro pedals with a load cell brake installed and that mod is truly a game changer for racing games.

Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter ReviewThe TH8A Shifter adds a 7 gear H-Pattern shifter to your racing setup and also features an optional sequential shifting plate. This is one of my favorite peripherals as it’s made of 90% metal, has friction free contactless sensors for durability, and you can even change out the gear shift knob to an aftermarket knob you would use in a real car. You can make lots of adjustments like shifting the angle of the pattern plate and tightening or loosing the feel of the shifter. Adding shifting with the wheel, a clutch pedal, and Virtual Reality is NUTS!

Thrustmaster F1 Rim Add On ReviewWhile the 599XX Evo rim is my favorite Thrustmaster Add on rim, there other steering wheel worth a look is the F1 rim add on. This is a replica of the Ferrari 2011 F1 racing teams rim. It is not my top choice for performance, but it is awesome for immersion and it’s the wheel rim of choice when my friends come over to play. Its slightly wider than other rims and features two d-pads, multiple action buttons, and 3 working switches. This rim is one of several add-on options available from Thrustmaster.

“One thing thats nice about upgrading is that you don’t have to spend all your money at once, you can build your setup slowly over time”
Most Thrustmaster Add on’s go for between $100 to $150. The company has continued to manufacture peripherals that work with the eco-system so you can keep customizing your setup how you want it.

The T300 Integral Edition is My Best Recommendation with PSVR

There are 4 things that make the T300 a great value: It has a 3 pedal set, the best Thrustmaster rim, it’s Upgradable to add a shifter and even better pedal set, and it has the best force feedback and feel with with Drive Club and PlayStation VR.

The brushless motor and dual belt drive mechanismin the wheelbase are what make it significantly better than the helical gearing used in wheels like the Logitech G29. Its a very comprehensive package and creates a complete sim racing experience on your console. You can read more about the Integral Edition in this detailed review or you can you can get ready to jump right into the most immersive racing experience you have ever had….

Buy Now

“The T300 Integral Edition, PSVR and Driveclub are nothing short of phenomenal and the most fun I have ever had racing”

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What do you think of Drive Club in Virtual Reality and have tried it with a steering wheel? Let me know in the comments below.

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