Best Steering Wheel For DiRT Rally on PS4 with PSVR

Best Steering Wheel For DiRT Rally on PS4 with PSVR

Playing Dirt Rally with a controller is not even comparable to the immersion of playing with a racing wheel…with or without VR

If you wanna sense how your car in handling on the rugged terrain and get white knuckled while you’re on the edge of your seat going 100 mph through the woods in a rally car…

You gotta get a racing wheel.

This game was designed to be played with a wheel to give you the best simulated experience for rally driving. Now it’s not quite a Gran Turismo sim experience, but it is solid with a wheel.

“Playing DiRT Rally with a wheel is fantastically exhausting and gets your heart racing 100 mph while you slide your way through hairpin turns”
PlayStation has a whole lotta steering wheel choices at different price ranges out on the market which makes it tough to know which is the best racing wheel for DiRT Rally or Dirt Rally VR on the PS4

While DiRT is compatible with several racing wheels these are the best two steering wheel choices for PS4 no matter if you are using PSVR or a TV:

Choice #1: Thrustmaster T300 ($300 – $470 depending on package)

T300Rs Integral Edition

The Thrustmaster T300 is a fantastic wheel and our top choice for playing rally games on your PlayStation. The T300 racing wheel has plug in and drive functionality and it delivers true force feedback strong, precise, and smooth through a dual belt friction free optimized mechanism.

The $300 version comes standard with a two pedal set (often referred to as the T300RS) that offers a brake with an adjustable progressive resistance mod to simulate real brake pressure. You can also get it with a 3 pedal set (called the T300 Integral edition) and an upgraded rim, that bundle goes for about $470.

The 3 things that make the T300 a great driving wheel for DiRT is that it offers roation degrees adjustable between 270 and 1080 on the fly, the ability to add on components like a invertable pedals and a shifter, and the wheel base translates the snow, dirt, gravel, and tarmac surfaces in the game into realistic sensations so you can feel your cars traction on the surfaces.

“The T300 is a great choice for any rally game, but with the sim experience on DiRT it’s far better than WRC5 and SL Rally Evo”
The T300 is built really durable which is important because when you are playing a rally driving game, you will be whipping the wheel around alot trying to keep your car on the track like a real rally driver. The T300 wheelbase servo motor is a great foundation and it’s built with contact-less sensors so the mechanical parts inside aren’t worn down overtime by friction.

Thrustmaster made the wheel with upgradability in mind. Whats nice is that they offer it as standard set with the wheelbase, a generic rim, and a 2 pedal set, but also have a nicer upgraded bundle with a 3 pedal set and upgraded rim.

Here are a few components you can add:

Thrustmaster 599XX Evo Rim Review Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Review Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Review

The T300 can be mounted easily on almost all racing cockpits and wheel stands and it even includes a table clamp for desk or table mounting.

In addition this steering wheel is compatible on the PC so you also have that option as well for playing DiRT.

My Final Opinion on The Thrustmaster T300 For DiRT Rally

The Thrustmaster T300 is a great wheel for any racing game on the Playstation. The fact that you can add on additional components makes this wheel the best option at this price range. This steering wheel does a great job of making each car feel different and gives a natural sense of how car is performing as your car shifts weight through the turns. The stock T300 is a great choice as is, but you can also get it as a bundle with an upgraded rim and 3 pedal set.

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Choice #2 Thrustmaster T150 ($200)


The next best option is another Thrustmaster wheel called the T150. Like the T300 you can add add onto the eco-system with a 3 pedal set and a shifter, but with the T150 you can’t change the rim. Another key difference is the mechanism that provides force feedback, the T150 runs a belt pulley system, which simulates forced feedback.

It does come standard with a two pedal set with a brake that offers progressive resistance which is nice for a wheel at this price point.

The T150 does a great job simulating the driving on DiRT Rally. The cars feel great, you can really get a sense of the handeling, and the force feedback while linear is still strong.

This is a GREAT starter wheel if you are on the fence about making an investment into a wheel. The price is affordable and it has the ability to handle essential upgrades like a clutch and a shifter.

The Thrustmaster T150 can be easily mounted to a cockpit, table or wheel stand. The wheel does come with a clamp table mount system and features pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the wheel base for securing it properly to a wheel stand.

My Final Opinion on The Thrustmaster T150 For DiRT Rally

This wheel is not only great for DiRT Rally or any racing game for that matter. Simply put it’s affordable and upgradeable with a few components to add to your rally racing immersion. Because of the price I think this wheel is a good choice even if you are a casual PlayStation racer (this works on PC also). The Thrustmaster T150 offers an excellent value and is by far and away better than any other wheel at this price point.

My best suggestion if you were serious about getting a T150 would be to add the T3PA Wide pedals, which is a 3 pedal set and it will take your total package to about $250.

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Dirt Rally VR with a Wheel and PSVR

Will a PS4 wheel and a PlayStation VR headset make you a better driver? YES!

The game requires you to have great reflexes and instincts when it comes to driving. When you combine PSVR and a wheel you start taking advantage of your natural driving instincts. The PSVR experience allows you to look into a turn and better judge how much throttle or brake to apply. It can help you see further ahead and when your car is shaking as you hit rough terrain your vision will be more stablized on the road. You can peak out your side windows and judge how close you are to the edge of a cliff or the car next to you.

When you add the driving elements to virtual reality like steering, shifting, and pedal pressure you are engaging experiences your body is already familiar with. You already naturally know based on visual cues how far to turn a wheel to make it around a turn.

With a wheel that gives you precise force feedback its even better because you can feel how the car is behaving. You get a sense of the back end of the car as it breaks traction with the surface and starts to slide. Being able to feel the cars balance is imperative particularly in rally games, because you can use the throttle and the brake to power through drifts while simutaneously giving the vehicle direction with subtle steering inputs.

A wheel with Dirt Rally VR simply means more immersion and faster stage times.

Best DiRT Rally Steering Wheel Wrap Up

Dirt_Rally_1Honestly, any wheel you choose is gonna be better than a controller when it comes to racing games. While these I have highlighted here offer the best experience, they do cost $150 and up, there are cheaper PS4 racing wheels to consider.

The two I listed above are great with all racing games, but they stood out to me when I was testing all of the racing wheels with DiRT Rally both with VR and without it. If you are looking to create an immersive rally racing experience then the T300 or the T150 are the best place to start depending on your steering wheel budget.

“If you’re trying to capture the adrenaline and white knuckles of rally racing, then a wheel is a MUST have”
There is more to add than just the wheel if complete racing immersion is what you want….there are racing seats, pedals that invert to GT style, and shifters all compatible with the T300. You can check out the best recommend racing setup for PSVR here.

DiRT Rally Racing Wheels and Related Items at Amazon

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Do you own a PS Steering wheel? Which one do you own and how does it drive? Let me know in the comments section below.

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