GT Omega ART Sim Racing Chair Review RS6 | $400

GT Omega ART Sim Racing Chair Review RS6 | $400

GT Omega is one of the leading racing seat and chair manufacturers in the world of simulated racing.

One of the key aspects that make their sim rigs so popular is the amount of adjustability that they include in all of their cockpit designs.

In addition each cockpit offers a range of accessories that can be added on separately like keyboard stands, monitor stands, or gearbox holders.

Today I am gonna break down the ART Racing Cockpit called the RS6. This is a mid priced sim rig, geared towards providing you with the basics like bucket style racing seat and a frame that mounts your wheel and pedals for racing.

GT Omega RS6 Back Sim Racing Rig

Pro Quality Sim Racing Seat

Racing Seat for Sim DrivingThis is an entry level racing chair, but is made with good quality parts. The chair is made out of steel, padded with a nice dense foam, and then covered in synthetic leather. The rest of the frame and the seat bracket are allot steel, while the pedal plate is made of an MDF board (which is not ideal). When it’s all put together is weighs about 85 lounds (39 kg).

The chair is black with fantastic red accents and looks really sharp. It resembles a GT bucket style seat that you would see in a real race car. There is also nicely stitched GT Omega logos on the head rest and the back of the chair.

Sitting in the bucket seat is extremely comfortable and you can tell that it’s not gonna hurt your back after racing for long hours. The seat is designed perfectly to put your body in a driving position and make reaching the wheel and pedals very comfortable and natural.

With the way the frame id designed around the seat it lends itself to stability, so if you lean in to your turns like I do in Gran Turismo, you don’t have to worry about the seat tipping over. It is very stable no matter how much you move around in it or how hard you man handle your steering wheel.

GT Omega RS6 is Not Easy to Put Together

The RS6 took me about 1.5 hours to put together. It had a basic documents with pictures, but all the words were in Chinese. It did include all the tools necessary for construction though.

Here’s what came in the box:

      • RS6 Racing Chassis Frame


      • RS6 Bucket racing seat (seat sliders included)


      • Gear Shifter Mount (which can be mounted on either side)


    • Assembly tools.

Specs for the GTOmega RS6

Cockpit Length is 123cm – 132cm (48 inches – 52 inches), cockpit width 55cm (21.5 inches) – if you add the gearshift mount the width is 65 cm (25.5 inches), Steering wheel plate height can be adjusted between 55cm up to 70cm (21.5 inches – 27.5 inches), and the height of the racing chair is 107 cm (42 inches).

best Racing Cockpit PS4

The ART RS6 Cockpit by GT Omega is Adjustable To Fit your Body

This racing rig offers extensively more adjsutability than other sim racing rigs at this price point. You can adjust the height of the wheel platform so you can make room for your knees and have your hands at a comfortable height from your body. You can change the angle of the pedal plate to make the pedals at the perfect angle for your feet. One of my favorite adjustments is that you can change the height of your gear shifter.

Of course there is also the ability to get this seat to conform to your height. The frame can be moved towards or away from the seat to accommodate for your height and in addition to that the seat even has seat sliders so you can make length adjustments very quickly. With all these adjustments this seat will work out really well whether you are tall or short.

“The RS6 is great for racing with your friends, cause the seat sliders make adjusments quickly”
Even with all that great adjustability I still haven’t even mentioned the seat is reclinable to 180 degrees!

Comfortable For Long Hours if Sim Racing

So I know I was hammering home just how adjustable this sim cockpit is, but what it all adds up to is a comfortable driving experience because you can really adjust everything to match your body type. In this seat you can spend hours driving and not feel like your back and butt hurt. The seat is really well padded and the fact that it reclines takes all of the pressure off your lower back.

A Racing Rig With No Center Column

This sim rig has no center column underneath the wheel plate like some other racing seats. This means your legs flow freely underneath the wheel plate just as the would in a real car. Now I personally don’t mind seats with a center column, however it is pretty nice to sit in a frame designed without one.

It makes everything feel a bit more realistic. There is nothing to impede your legs/knees from maneuvering or preventing your feet to get to the pedals quickly. You can see in the pic below how there is no center bar between your knees.

GT Omega Race Chair Review

The RS6 Bucket Seat and Frame Offer Maximum Immersion

With a racing wheel and pedal setup mounted on the RS6 you are setup for a GREAT immersive racing experience. I tested it out with the Thrustmaster T300, T3PA Pro pedals, and the TH8A shifter. All of these Thrustmaster products were easy to mount because the pre-drilled holes in the wheel and pedal plates lined up perfectly.

I played Project Cars and F1 2015 on the PlayStation 4 with all my stuff hooked up and the experience was fantastic. Driving felt like being in a race car, from the bucket seat that hugs your sides to the way your body falls in a perfect driving position. Once you start sim racing in the RS6 you will totally forget you are in your home.

GT Omega ART RS6 Racing Seat Compatibility

The RS6 is compatible with all the major wheel brands and pedal sets and is perfect for PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Below is a list of products the mount on the cockpit with the pre-drilled holes.

      • Logitech G25,




      , G920 Wheel, pedal and Shifter


      • Thrustmaster




      , TX Ferrari 458 wheel and pedal.


      • Thrustmaster TH8RS &

TH8A Shifter


    Porsche and CSR Wheels, Clubsport pedals, CSR elite pedals

*Fanatec Shifter can be installed with the “Fanatec Shifter Brackets”

Pros vs Cons


      Priced perfectly compared to other seats


      Seat reclines to 180 degrees


      Seat sliders included for quick adjustments


      Shifter mounts on both sides of the frame


      Ability to adjust shifter height


      Compatible with all the major wheel and pedal brands


      No center column to impede your legs


    Durability and stability


      Does not pack away easily for storage


      When you get out you need to be careful not to step on the frame


      The MDF pedal board is not ideal for pedal mounting


    If you are short in height the pedal plate may move up and down

The MDF pedal board is not ideal for pedal mounting, but there are options for you to mod your pedal plate. My issue wit the MDF board is that it is a little weak, it doesn’t effect the functionality, but I think they could have made a better choice of materials. As far as the pedal boar dmoving around, you could use zip ties or get a U bracket from Home Depot that will help stabilize your pedals. If the RS6 skimped anywhere it was the pedal board material and design.

Why I Recommend the RS6 to PS4 and Xbox One Sim Racers

To me this is a great seat for console racers like Xbox 1 and PS4. It has a nice simple design and you arn’t going to spend more much more money on it then you paid for your console. You don’t need monitor stands and keyboard stands. You don’t need to add anything else to this (other than your wheel and pedal set) to make this cockpit function. Its simple design makes me love this seat…it is not over complicated, but delivers exactly what you need.

GT Omega ART Racing Chair Review RS6 – Wrap Up

This seat gives you everything you need all in one package: A great GT bucket style chair, a well designed stable frame, a shifter mount that can be put on either side of the seat, and more adjustability than any other racing chair at this price point. It’s priced to be affordably and it delivers you a solid driving experience

“The RS6 is a great choice for casual and
entry level sim racers”

PSRP 4.0
Red Buy Now

FYI: You can only get GT omega products directly from their website, but they do ship world wide. For some comparisons, you can check out the sim cockpits I have selected from Amazon below.

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GT Omega ART Racing Sim Cockpit RS6
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What are your thoughts in the RS9 from GT Omega? Let me know in the comments below.

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