Hori 4 Racing Wheel Review PS4| $70

Hori 4 Racing Wheel Review PS4| $70

The Hori 4 Steering Wheel was released in Sept of 2014. It is a toy style racing wheel and was put out by Hori in preperation for the release of Drive Club on the PS4.

The Hori 4 is designed to give you a more immersive racing experience by using a wheel and pedal set instead of a dual shock controller.

What You Need To Know About the Hori4

This wheel is an inexpensive option if you are looking for an alternative to racing with a controller. It has a small diameter rim and offers resistance and vibration. It mounts with suction cups onto tables and desks.

The price is pretty alluring considering the Thrustmaster T80 is also an inexpensive option. The Hori 4 does look much better in person than online, but it does present itself like a toy. If you were considering this as a cheap steering wheel option for racing games with PSVR, it will add a bit more immersion than a controller, but still leaves a lot to be desired. For my money I would choose the Hori 4 wheel over the Thrustmaster T80 and save myself a few bucks plus get vibration.

Hori 4 Racing Wheel Unboxing


Hori 4 Racing Wheel Specs

3.5 lbs in weight, 180 degree rotation, vibration, feedback, paddle shifters, standard dual shock programmable buttons, and large royal blue rubber grips, 2 pedal set (throttle and brake), arched pedal design, on/off switch, PS3/PS4 switch, fold out car mat under the pedals, suction cups for stability.

Build and Quality Are Decent for the Price

Hori 4 Steering WheelThe Hori 4 is mostly plastic, but the wheel rim while small does have a nice grip to it and feels good in your hands…just not very wide or immersive.

The mechanics of the wheel were designed to emulate the dual shock controller. The pedals are extremely lite weight and do not have a lot of stability. The suction cups for mounting are strong enough to hold the wheel through aggressive driving. All in all…

“…the Hori 4 kinda surprised me for how inexpensive it is and how well its built”

Hori Racing Wheel For PlayStation

Pros vs Cons


  • Priced to sell
  • Feels good in your hands
  • Has feedback and vibration
  • Better than a racing with a controller
  • Works with PS3 and PS4
  • Suction cups are strong and hold the wheel in place on a desk


  • Feels like a toy
  • Does not have a progressive brake
  • Can’t add a shifter
  • No adjustable degrees of rotation (DOR) only 180 available
  • Low grade lite weight pedal set (not very stable on the carpet)


The Hori 4 on the Playstation 4

The wheel plays very much like a toy. It’s more fun than a controller, but doesn’t honestly do a great job of simulating a driving experience. Because there isn’t a true force feedback motor like you would get in a Thrustmaster T150, it sort of feels lifeless in your hands.

If you are overly agressive on the wheel and have it suctioned cupped to a table it will pull of. I didn’t have that experience myself, but I can imagine other people will pull the wheel right off of the table and have to re-suction it.

Who Should Buy The Hori 4 Wheel

This is a great racing wheel if you are looking for something other than a controller. It would make a great racing wheel for kids or adults who are considered casual racers. For under $100 you can’t expect to much more than what you get with this option from Hori.

PSVR Racing Games With The Hori4 Driving Wheel

If you use the Hori4 with the Playstation VR headset racing games like DriveClub, will become a bit more immersive, but still leave a bit to be desired if you are looking for more of a simulation. With VR racing games you don’t have to solely rely on a quality wheel for immersion because more of your senses are engaged, but a better quality wheel is helpful. The Hori 4 isnt bad with the PSVR, I am just saying that there are better choices out that at only a small upgrade in the price point.

If you consider yourself a more serious racer, take a look at the T150, which has many more features and the ability to upgrade.



PS4, PS3


This is wheel does not allow for additional pedals or shifters to be added.


For mounting it is desk or table only via the suction cups on the bottom of the wheel base. The pedals are also not able to be mounted.


90 days

Hori 4 PlayStation Steering Wheel Review Conclusion

The Hori 4 Racing Wheel performs better than I anticipated. The small wheel diameter wheel rim does feel small in your hands, but the nice grip, feedback, vibration, and price make me feel very forgiving. The wheel feels kind of uninspiring to drive with, but if you are just looking to lose the controller and start playing with a wheel then this is worth considering because…

“…racing with a wheel will definitely ramp up your immersion by putting your body in a racing position”
I would consider this an upgrade from a dual shock controller especially when racing with PSVR. It is important though that before you buy it that you understand the limitations and have realistic expectations of a racing wheel that costs under a $100. It’s not bad, just not very feature rich.

The Hori 4 has over 40 Amazon reviews and is rated 3 stars. I have taken a look at the reviews and found many of them to be very misleading and grading the Hori 4 to way low. Given the price I feel comfortable rating this driving wheel at a solid 3 and add that I was pleasantly surprised by it.

PSRP 3.0
Buy Now

If you are looking for a better entry level sim racing wheel, check out my #1 recommend inexpensive option.

Get the Hori 4 or Other Related Products

Have your tried the the Hori 4 Steering Wheel on a PS3 or PS4? Let me know in the comments below.

Hori 4 Racing Wheel

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