Best PS4 Steering Wheel and Pedals For Your Money!

Best PS4 Steering Wheel and Pedals For Your Money!

Adding a PS4 Steering Wheel and Pedal Set to your racing game experience makes a huge difference in your gaming immersion.

There are moments when playing with a racing wheel you forget you are in your house, your heart is racing, and you are frantically turning your hands over each other trying to control your car through a turn.

But with several racing wheel and pedal choices for the PS4 out on the market, how do you choose which ones best?

Today I have you covered, because I have tried them all with various racing games…

I’ll break down the three best choices of racing wheels and pedal sets as of May 2016 for the PlayStation 4 plus give you the quick rundown of specs, pro’s and cons, and what other wheels in the same price point they compares against.

Let’s break down starting from the higher priced PS4 wheel and pedal packages down to the lower ones…

Thrustmaster T300 RS Alcantara Edition | $450

T300Rs Integral Edition

Specs:11.8 inch diameter D-shaped rim, rim is wrapped in Alcantara from the Ferrari factory in Italy, rim is an 8/10 size replica of the racing wheel from the Ferrari 599XX EVO race car, modeled after automotive standards with polyurathane molding, steel internal hoop, wheelbase has 270 to 1080 to degrees of adjustable rotation, wheel Resolution is 16 bits, friction-free dual-belt mechanism motor, force feedback motor is brushless, rim can be swapped out via thrustmasters quick-release system, 11 action button (2 on base) + D-pad, 2 metal Paddle shifters are 5 inches (13 cm), mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount, 3 pedal set (throttle, brake, and clutch ), pedal resoltuion is 10 bits, brake has conical brake mod for progressive resistance, works with all components in the Thrustmaster eco-system.

Pros vs Cons


  • 270 to 1080 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly
  • Easy to upgrade: add on a shifter
  • Wheel rim does a GREAT job translating the feel of the road and the car
  • Wheel rim is 11.8 inches which is larger than most rims
  • Great force feedback delivered smooth and quiet
  • Swappable rims (works with all Thrustmaster add-on rims)
  • Plug in and play with the PS4, by flipping a switch
  • Comes standard with a 3 pedal set (Throttle, brake, and clutch)
  • Brake has a mod that offers progressive resistance


  • Pedals are not inveratble
  • Its on the pricey side if you are on a budget

Which PlayStation 4 Steering Wheels & Pedals Does it Compare Against

Logitech G29 reviewThe main competitor of the T300 Alacantara Edition is the Logitech G29. The G29 wheel is about $100 cheaper, but the motor features helical gearing which is not as nice as the friction-free dual-belt mechanism motor in the T300. The G29 also only has 8 bit pedal resolution, a smaller rim, a less polished look, and only one component to add a shifter, while the T300RS has 10 bit resolution a 1 inch larger diameter rim, a race car look to it, and a full eco system of components to add.

Overall I think the $100 difference between the G29 and the T300 Alcantara Edition is worth the jump in price given the better features and quality you get. If the Alcantara Edition was a bit pricey for you, you could get the T300 standard Edition and then add on a nicer rim and three pedal set later. You can read my full review of the T300 Alcantara Edition here or get your PlayStation sim racing career started today…

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Thrustmaster T150 Steering Wheel| $200


T150 Steering Wheel Specs

Rim is 11 inches (28 cm) in diameter, plastic rim with reinforced rubber-coated grips, 270 to 1080 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly, wheel resolution is 12 bits, (13 cm) metal wheel mounted paddle shifters, 13 action buttons (2 on the base) + a d-pad, force feedback with a mixed belt-pulley and gears system, brushed force feedback motor, two pedal set (throttle and brake), pedal resolution is 10 bits, works with the t3pa pedals and TH8A shifter.

Pros vs Cons


  • 270 to 1080 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly
  • Simulates progressive brake pressure
  • Allows for the addition of adding a shifter and/or clutch pedals
  • Force feedback system is smooth and quiet
  • Works natively on the PS4
  • Has switch to change between PS3 and PS4 consoles
  • Wheel does a good job translating the feel of the road and the car


  • The pedal set leaves a lot to be desired
  • Rim is not able to be changed
  • Mounting with desk or table clamp only
  • Force feedback is not as strong as I like

PS 4 Racing Wheel and Pedal Sets it Compares Against

Logitech G29 reviewHard to make a comparison here because it is a standalone wheel at this price point. However I honestly feel the motor on the T150 is of a better caliber than the Logitech G29 which costs $150 more!!! What make this wheel so nice is that even though it’s an entry level wheel you can still upgrade to add on a shifter and a 3 pedal set. It’s not quite as nice as the T300 standard edition, but it contains many of the same Thrustmaster parts so it performs faily similar.

The T150 is the best value wheel for PS4. If you are a new racer this wheel is a great place to start. If you were more serious, but were trying to keep your price within a budget, consider the T300 RS standard edition. You can read my full review of the Thrustmaster T150 here or pick one up and start racing on your PlayStation console.

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HORI Racing Wheel 4 | $80

Hori Racing Wheel For PlayStation

Hori 4 Specs

3.5 lbs in weight, 180 degree rotation, vibration, feedback, paddle shifters, standard dual shock programmable buttons, and large royal blue rubber grips, 2 pedal set (throttle and brake), arched pedal design, on/off switch, PS3/PS4 switch, fold out car mat under the pedals, suction cups for stability.

Pros vs Cons


  • Priced to sell
  • Feels good in your hands
  • Has feedback and vibration
  • Better than a racing with a controller
  • Works with PS3 and PS4
  • Suction cups are strong and hold the wheel in place on a desk


  • Feels like a toy
  • Does not have a progressive brake
  • Can’t add a shifter
  • No adjustable degrees of rotation (DOR) only 180 available
  • Low grade lite weight pedal set (not very stable on the carpet)

PS4 Wheels and Pedals it Compares Against

Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel ReviewThis wheel is comparable to the Thrustmaster T80 which sells for about $20 more. The technology in the Hori wheel is simply better than the T80 wheel which has no force feedback or vibration. The T80 despite being a Thrustmaster product is just not up to par considering the Hori wheel is cheaper and offers resistance and vibration. While I don’t love this wheel it is simply the best choice for the PlayStation if you are trying to spend less than a hundred bucks. You can read my full review of the Hori 4 here or grab one today from Amazon.

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Which is The Best PS 4 Racing Wheel and Pedal Set?

For my money I love the T300 Alcanara Edition. It offers the best rim of all the wheels, progressive resistance via a rubber brake mod, and is upgradable to add different rims, a shifter, and a higher end pedal set. Bear in mind I am a more serious racer…all I play is racing games!!

If you need to dial it back a notch than the T150 is the best value for your money. While it is not quite the same performance was as the T300, iy is a great wheel. It’s limitations are a non swappable rim, it’s not mountable to a rig, and the pedals are kind of cheap. Overall though this wheel is only priced slightly higher than the Hori and T80 wheels and the difference between the quality is much more than the price gap!

So there you have it. The two best PlayStation 4 steering Wheel and pedal sets, T300 RS Alcantara Edition and the T150.

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If you have any questions about these wheels or any other PS4 racing wheels, let me know in the comments below.

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