The Best Gaming Chairs to Buy

The Best Gaming Chairs to Buy

Getting a good chair for your gaming is just as important as getting that new graphics card or that shiny new control pad for your gaming console. So many times gamers skimp on this important aspect of their gaming and the result is poor health later down the road.

The Different Categories of Gaming Chairs

These generally fall into 4 main categories. Some are more ideal for console gaming while other are better suited to PPC gaming. Of course cross breed exist and many gamers will even use chairs meant for one task to perform another. Some will even use a bean bag gaming chair to play PC games! The point is, most of the gaming chairs you’ll find on sale are a version of one of these four categories. Let’s start from the simplest:

The Bean Bag

This one happens to be cheapest type of gaming chair out there. It is meant primarily for console gaming and can actually be very comfortable. Alas, you don’t have many degrees of freedom on this chair. You can’t rock back and forth, or swivel around or even recline. Plus there isn’t any support for your back. But compared to the alternative option of sitting on the cold hard floor for 8+ hours without standing up, I’ll take a bean bag chair any day. Make that 2 please.

The Rocker

The rocker gaming chair does exactly what its name suggests it does. It rocks. Hard. With a rocker chair you have the ability to rock back and forth, giving you at least one degree of freedom and making you more comfortable. The most popular manufacturers in this niche also happen to be the ones ho first came up with the concept: X Rocker.

Rocker chairs are guaranteed to deliver more comfort than the lowly bean bag gaming chair. Some of them are pretty high tech and come complete with speakers on the head rest to really give you that immersive feel when you’re gaming.

The drawback to this type of gaming chair is the fact that cheaper models are anything but comfortable. Make sure you don’t touch these cheap models with a ten foot pole; they are the bane of many a gamer’s back.

The Pedestal

If a wheel base gaming chair and a rocker had a baby, that baby would be the pedestal gaming chair. This chair has a firm base that raises it above the ground as opposed to the rocker. No wheels, though. Again, the masters in this category are X Rocker.

Pedestal chairs are also meant for console gaming but some PC users prefer to use them for desk gaming. They happen to be generally pricier than rocker and enable you to swivel around as much as you want. They also raise you a little higher.

The Wheel Base Gaming Chair

These chairs, as you’ve probably already guessed, are optimized for PC gaming, the quintessential form of gaming on the planet! As if in tribute to this fact, they are usually the most optimized for comfort in their design. With a wheel base gaming chair you can recline your seat and take a nap, you can swivel around endlessly, and using your toes to move forward or backward with the chair will seem like a caveman’s practice now that you have the wheels to help you along.

With Wheel base gaming chairs there are lots of options out there and price tags. You’ve got the most basic office chairs on one end and then on the other you have the crème de la crème. There are lots of manufacturers in this space leaving you spoilt for choice from all the options available.

A PC gaming chair is guaranteed to give you the best ergonomics out there as it has good back support, strong wheels (castors), arm rests, and the capability to be adjusted. This is your best bet if comfort and health is your number one concern.

The Custom Gaming Chair

This is where the really high price tags pop their heads. We’ve got everything in this category. From the chair with all the scaffolding ready and the additional equipment bought separately to fully fledged monsters like the J20 that allow you to go into the gaming world guns blazing, you can be sure that your needs will be met. The only question is if you’ll meet the price tag on your end. They have some really steep price tags in this category of gaming chair so make sure your pockets are deep enough.

A Few Things You Need To Know

When you’re making the decision between upgrading your computer and getting yourself a gaming chair, it’s understandable that a gaming chair will be the least of your concerns. Truth be told no one ever attributed their gaming success to the comfort of their gaming chair. But your gaming chair will be your companion for a long time. It could stay faithfully by your side for up to 10 years. In those ten years, the posture and comfort level you maintain will have a huge impact on your health.

If you don’t think sitting down for extended periods is potentially dangerous for you, just go and have a look at someone who’s been sitting down for extensive periods for the past 30 years. A truck driver, pilot, or your everyday office worker would present the perfect case study. They almost all end up with pot bellies and stooped necks. Let me not even get started on the complaints of backaches and shoulder aches, not to mention the increased risk of some types of cancer.

Even if you do get yourself a well-designed gaming chair that obeys all the rules of ergonomics, it wouldn’t hurt to give yourself regular breaks. Get up every once in a while and do a few stretching exercises. Maybe you can even take up yoga. If that’s too difficult, as I imagine it will be for most of us gamers, why don’t you just take a walk and get rid of the rigidity? It helps a great deal.

As far as costs are concerned, make sure you get yourself a gaming chair that is suited to your particular needs and that is ideal for you based on the number of hours you spend in front of your gaming station every day. If you’re particularly one of those people who work from home then chances are you’re not only playing games at your computer, you’re also working from it. That means you’ll be spending even more time at your computer than the average gamer and you should take this into consideration when choosing the ideal gaming chair for you.

Important Features To Look For In A Good Gaming Chair

You don’t have to have a Spartan experience as far as your gaming is concerned simply because your gaming chair is uncomfortable. If you get a good enough PC gaming chair, you might as well be sitting on a Lazy Boy all day because good gaming chairs have high quality comfort. Just make sure that you buy your gaming chair from a manufacturer who actually delivers on their hype about how ergonomic their chair is.


Ergonomics is crucial to your gaming experience. You need a chair that gives you just the right posture so that all that fervent gaming won’t take its toll on your skeleton or internal organs. These include arm rest, support for your spine and glutes, as well as the full range of adjustments so you can customize the chair to accommodate someone of your weight and height. Some of these essential controls are listed below:

· Armrest height control – the ability to fix the height of your armrests may seem trivial and truly enough it is often overlooked in design. It is, however, important as arms at the wrong height can cause great discomfort.

· Height control –This is pretty much basic and every respectable chair must contain this functionality.

· Backrest lock –This feature allows you to fix the backrest so it doesn’t give when you lean in against it. It also helps reinforce tension control.

· Tension control –This is simply a control that alters the amount of force you have to use to lean back in the chair and can be switched between stiff and loose. You can lock the gaming chair at a certain level of tension control using the backrest lock.

· Seat-pan slider –With this feature you can slide the seat back and forth without the backrest moving. It’s another feature you don’t find in the cheaper chairs.

Materials Used

The best gaming chairs are made out of either of leather or mesh. What you need to consider when choosing the material is how your body temperature alters while you’re gaming. After you’ve been playing for hours on end, your temperature will generally fall into one of two categories: Either you’ll heat up and get sweaty, or your body will cool down. If you’re the type that gets hot and sweaty after a while, get a mesh chair. It will allow your body to breathe. If you’re the kind that gets into cold mode after a while, it might be best for you to get yourself a leather seat. Leather is a great heat retainer and will ensure you maintain an optimal body temperature.

Style of The Gaming Chair

Of course a well-designed gaming chair should look like a million bucks it cost. You want a gaming chair that looks so good it already makes you feel like a winner the moment you drop into it. Many people will have different preferences as far as aesthetics is concerned, and there are many options out there for all the different tastes that exist. Some people prefer the racer type seats that look and feel like life on the fast lane while others prefer a more leathery and executive feel to their gaming throne. These people will mostly go for the type of gaming chair that would look just at home behind some CEO’s desk.

The Best Gaming Chairs

We got a list together of the best gaming chair in each price category that exists on Amazon and wrote up extensive reviews for your consideration. Based on the criteria we’ve already outlined, choosing the perfect gaming chair for yourself should now be as easy as a-b-c.

$100 range

1. Amazon Basics

This chair is actually a great bargain for the price and is manufactured proprietarily by Amazon. The chair is very good quality and has upholstery and design that you won’t normally see in this price range. PS: the upholstery is actually genuine leather!

On top of looking good, the seat has great adjustable features, again apparently too good to be true for the price range. It has backrest and seat controls to manipulate the height of the seat as well as the tension in the backrest. It also has a well-designed backrest curving in all the right places to make sure you’re reasonably comfortable as well as sturdy castors.


· Comfortable with good padding

· 1 day shipping

· Reasonably priced


· Only one color option available

· Can be very uncomfortable for particularly tall gamers

The Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair is ideal for tall gamers who will not be accommodated by the regular Amazon Basics. This chair comes in two color options, black and brow, and has slightly better design than the regular Basics. The adjustment department still needs a little work, however. It has the same seat and backrest controls, and gives the same degrees of freedom as the regular Amazon Basics. The leather is great, however, and the chair is very sturdy. At a hundred dollars, this is a very sweet deal.

The Amazon Mid-back Basics also comes with a mesh version for those who aren’t interested in the leather version. It may look a little weaker than the leather version but it is every bit as capable as its counterpart. It is also ideal for those who’d rather have a chair that allows them to breathe.

2. LexMod

This is the LexMod Veer Office Chair and sits comfortably at the $100 dollar mark. The mesh design is perfect for breathing. If you’re the kind of gamer who turns into a steamer somewhere in the middle of gaming, then this gaming chair is good for you. You also get to choose a color that appeals to you as the chair comes in 8 different color options. Great variety! The arms are adjustable, meaning your arms just get as much comfort as the rest of your body, and the seat design means you will keep the right posture while seated.


· Loads of color options

· Great price

· Mesh material is well ventilated


· No backrest control

· Thin padding on the seat

· Knobs can be hard to operate sometimes

$100 to $400 Range

3. Office Star Furniture

Here we are looking at the Professional Air Grid Back with Leather Seat Chair. This is a great chair that won’t only be a great match for a gaming environment, but an office environment as well. It has some great features such as adjustable arm-rests, height control and tilt tension. The padding is thick but soft and the wheels are good and sturdy meaning you’ll be getting good value for your money at a price of $150.

This chair is a great value proposition and with good reason. The great adjustability of features coupled with the mesh back for breathability make the chair an Amazon bestseller. The people have spoken!


· Nice and soft leather padding on the seat

· Comes in 4 different style options

· Very firm yet easy to adjust with comfortable arm rests


· The backrest might be considered a little too rigid by some people

· The armrests, while being very sturdy, actually look weak from a distance

· The mesh doesn’t last too long

DX Racer

This is one of the premier manufacturers of gaming chairs in the world. Their chairs simply look exquisite with lots of style and color options for every gamer’s needs. If you’re into a more dynamic look and feel in your chair, then this is the perfect chair for you. They come in a variety of materials, including cloth, vinyl, and a proprietary car seat upholstery that’s actually patented! They are very popular in Europe and the world of esports is just crazy about this brand of chair. They have some great designs so why not?

Every DX Racer chair has a high backrest and many come with detachable and adjustable pillows for the neck and back. The backs are fully adjustable and some of them can go as far back as to be completely flat. Adjustable height, fully adjustable arm rest, tilt tension mechanism, about 70 lbs of weight and perfectly firm. If you’re all about performance racing, this seat will leave you feeling like a high profile driver.

DX Racer chairs range in price from about $300 all the way up to $500. If they charm you like they have charmed many a gamer, be sure to have a bruised wallet.


· High quality material with great aesthetics

· Loads of style and color options with customization to fit every individual gamer’s needs

· Great recliner. Can be reclined up to 180 degrees


· Needs Some breaking into as it can feel very stiff at first

· Can be very heavy.

· Not all models are suitable for tall people

$400 And Above

4. Eurotech Seating

For this brand we’ll be looking at the Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair. This chair will look great in any office. It has to, considering the price. It also takes the definition of ergonomics to a whole other level. It has 3 modules on the back rest so the spine gets all the support it needs. It also has a wide range of colors to choose from apart from the traditional black. The colors are all very fresh looking so you’re bound to find something you like. The back is made of mesh for maximum breathability in some models, while there is a leather option if you’re a leather person.

The chair comes with a 5 year warranty for the foam and upholstery as well as a lifetime warranty for the other parts. That’s how much confidence the manufacturer has on this product. You should have the same level of confidence too. The back rest can tilt for up to 4 different positions and it is high to provide support to the whole back, including the neck.

The lowest price you’ll get for this futuristic chair on Amazon is $560


· High quality materials, including aluminum construction

· Smooth and functional levers

· Very durable mesh material

· Very high back rest


· The seat cannot be raised or lowered

· Comes with a funny new chair smell and it can actually be a hassle to set up

· The mesh might feel a little too hard

5. The Herman Miller

Here we’ll be talking about the Mirra Chair by Herman Miller. This is, quite frankly, an uber chair. It is, by far, one of the most beautiful chairs to ever be made by human hands and anyone will immediately fall in love with it. Herman Miller, the company behind this gem, specializes in making high end office chairs and happen to be the ones who started all the craze about ergonomics in seat design. True to their standards, they only create the best quality chairs and seats like the Mirra are the kind you’d expect to see at a high level investment back or a law firm.

The Mirra Chair is very sleek with a high quality mesh fiber on the back rest that maintains a cool temperature no matter how long you are seated in it. It also has a lot of color option. 17! The material used to make the chair is actually patented and has been designed to make sure your weight is distributed evenly on the chair and the mesh stays breathable throughout.


· 12 year warranty

· Tilt mechanism with a harmonic design to ensure maximum comfort

· High tech mesh to conduct your body heat away really quickly


· Extra tall gamers won’t feel very comfortable on this seat

· The arm rest adjustment can be a little hard to master

When choosing a gaming chair don’t focus so much on getting the most expensive chair in its class. Instead, work on getting a chair that fits your needs. The truth is, you might find that you aren’t a very fussy gamer and the bare minimum in terms of comfort and ergonomics will do. Such a chair may only cost you $300. On the other hand, you might want something that really adds to the immersive feel of gaming with a long term warranty. Whichever way you go, use our tips for what features to look for and you’re bound to make the right choice.

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