Thrustmaster 28 GT Leather Rim Add On Review | $150

Thrustmaster 28 GT Leather Rim Add On Review | $150

The Thrustmaster VG TM 28 GT Leather Rim Add on was released in April of 2015 as the first rim wrapped in leather for the Thrustmaster eco-system.

Similar to other Thrustmaster rims, it connects your wheel base via Thrustmaster’s quick release system and is easily swapped on and off your T500, T300, or TX.

What You Need To Know

This rim is 11 inches in diameter, very lite weight, and smells like premium leather the moment you unbox it!! The steel internal wheel rim is wrapped in a nice feeling genuine leather and it really lets your palms breathe when you are gripping it. The rim is similar in design to the 599XX Evo rim with a similar button layout, metal center column, and steel rim hoop, but is 1 inch shorter in diameter, less expensive and wrapped in premium leather as opposed to Alcantara. I like this wheel rim for the price and the way it delivers force feedback effects, I’m just not particular about the way it looks with the colored buttons and Thrustmaster logo in the center.

Thustmaster 28 GT Leather Rim Add-on First look Video

VG TM 28 GT Leather Rim Specs

11 inches in diameter, premium hand stitched leather wrapped rim, two 5 inch brushed metal paddle shifters, 6 action buttons and a d-pad, 3 position rotary switch, black brushed metal center column, Thrustmaster’s quick release system, internal steel hoop, designed with automotive standards.

Build and Quality

28 GT Leather RimThe leather is the highlight of this wheel and makes the quality jump out. The center column is made of a nice brushed metal and the buttons are laid out for easy access on the rim. I love the rotary switch which is nice for making adjustments on the fly. I am though not particular about the button colors and the Thrustmaster logo in the middle as it comes across looking a bit toyish

The rim is super lite weight and has a steel internal hoop and you can really get a feel for it with force feedback. The steel hoop is pretty well padded and gives a nice cushiony feel in your hands.

I’m not particularly a fan of the 11 inch diameter, I prefer a 12 inch rim, but this size is standard. While the buttons are laid out for easy access, they are not ideal for Playstation. The white button (on the bottom left of the wheel center column) is designated as “X”, which is in most PS games is a “selection” button. Because it’s on the left side you have to either move your left thumb from the D-pad or slide your right hand over to press it. Not the end of the world, but worth mentioning here.

The paddle shifter are made of a nice 2mm thick brushed metal and give a good “click” sound when engaged.

“The most standout feature is the genuine leather, which gives of an heir of quality and a sense of gripping a high performance car wheel”

I have logged about 100 hours on the 28 GT Leather Rim and it has held up really well. I was initially concerned that the leather was going to show signs of fatigue, but so far it looks like new.

Pros vs Cons


  • Lite weight
  • The buttons are generic and aren’t labeled for a particular console
  • Thrustmaster’s quick release system makes it easy to put it on or take off
  • Compatible with T300 and T500
  • The leather rim looks and feels awesome
  • The 3 way rotary switch


  • The logo is made of plastic and looks toyish
  • The color of the buttons doesn’t give off a sense of realism
  • Rim diameter is 11 inches
  • They button mapping isn’t ideal for Playstation

Who Should Buy The 28 GT Leather Rim

If you have a stock rim on your T300 or TX wheel base, this rim is a HUGE upgrade performance and overall feel. If you are looking for a leather rim, this add on is a home run. It looks and feels in your hands every bit the part of a high performance racing wheel.

Thrustmaster 28 GT Rim Compatibility


PS3, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Wheel Bases

Works on Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base, TX Servo Base (Xbox One), and can be attached to the T500


1 year warranty US and 2 years in some European countries.

Thrustmaster VG TM 28 GT Rim Review Conclusion

The leather is the most standout feature of this rim. It smells like quality from the moment you open it up. Even better it feels like quality in your hands when you are holding on for dear life sliding through a turn! As I stated Im not such a huge fan of the button color choices, but I do like the yellow centering strip they used.

“This rim is a solid choice for an upgrade and really performs well delivering force feedback”
The Thrustmaster 28 GT Rim add on has gotten great reviews at Amazon, 4.5 stars with over 40 customer reviews. I have to agree with the customers on this one, this is a 4.5 star wheel for sure and provides every bit of your money’s worth!

PSRP 4.5
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Thrustmaster 28 GT Add On Rim and Related Products

Have your tried the Thrustmaster VG TM 28 GT Leather Racing rim add-on or other Thrustmaster rim add-on’s? Let me know in the comments.

Thrustmaster 28 GT Add On Rim
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