Thrustmaster T300 GT Racing Wheel Review | $430

Thrustmaster T300 GT Racing Wheel Review | $430

The Thrustmaster T300 GT was released in December of 2016. It is upgraded edition of the T300RS steering wheel Thrustmaster released in 2014.

This new edition features the T300RS wheel base, a new steering wheel rim with Gran Turismo branding, and the T3PA pedals which have also had a bit of an aesthetic makeover.

You can actually get the T300 is 4 different options now: The stock version (which has a 2 pedal set), The Integral Edition (which has a 3 pedal set and Alcantara rim), the wheel base only (which you then buy a wheel rim and pedals separate), and then of course the GT edition which I will review below.

What You Need To Know About The GT Racing Wheel

This racing wheel setup works natively on the PS4 by flipping a switch and also works on the PS3 and PC. It will work with all of the racing games currently on the market that have wheel compatibility and pairs great with PSVR.

The wheel is compatible with all of the components in the Thrustmaster eco-system so you can change out your wheel rim, change out the pedal set for the T3PA Pro pedals, and/or add on the the TH8A shifter. While there are other options from Logitech and Fanatec, the T300 is my most recommended racing wheel for PS4 given its quality for the price.

Thrustmaster T300 GT Video Review


T300GT Steering Wheel Specs

11 inch diameter rim, 270 to 1080 to degrees of adjustable rotation, Rim has a rubber grip with a brushed metal center column, wheel Resolution is 16 bits/65536 steps, dual belt driven force feedback mechanism, industrial-class brushless force feedback motor, Internal memory and upgradeable firmware, native PS4 compatibility, quick-release system for changing the wheel rim, 13 action button+ D-pad, 2 wheel mounted metal Paddle shifters are 5 inches tall(13 cm) and 2mm thick, mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount, 3 pedal set (throttle, brake, and clutch) with adjustable angles and spacing on the throttle and clutch pedal face plates, pedal resolution is 10 bits/1024 steps, metal pedal plates, brake pedal has progressive resistance and an adjustable conical brake mod.

T300 Gran Tursimo Sport Wheel

GT Steering Wheel Quality and Durability

T300RS ServobaseThe quality of a steering wheel can be judged by how good the wheelbase is. The T300 is encased in a hard plastic shell and features HEART technology (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) which means it features contactless magnetic sensor to deliver the 16 bit precision. It also has a frictionless action brushless Force Feedback servomotor which runs power extremely efficiently, delivers smooth force feedback, and zero latency. Overall the T300 performs very quiet as well and does not make much noise under performance stress.

The 28 cm Gran Turismo branded rim has a re-enforced rubber grip, which is comparable to the rim on the stock version of the T300. The center column is a nice clean looking brushed metal and features of all of the required Playstation buttons. There are 10 buttons total on the rim inlcuding the paddle shifters and then another 2 on the wheel base. The rim also has a blue line on the top center of the rim to visually see if your wheel is calibrated correctly to center.

T300GT Paddle ShiftersThe metal paddle shifters are wheel mounted (which means they move with the rim). They measure about 5 inches tall and they make a nice click sound when they are engaged. They are placed at a nice distance from the rim so no matter what size your hands are they will sit nicely on your finger tips. They are each about 2mm thick.

The wheel easily mounts onto the wheel base via Thrustmasters quick release system and takes about 1 min to change your rim. You simply push the rim into the base and then screw a plastic fitting onto the wheel.

GT T3PA PedalsThe 3 pedal set (called the T3PA pedals), is a nice set featuring a gas, brake, and clutch. The base is made of plastic, but the internal components are made of metal. The throttle and clutch face plates are able to be adjusted by changing placement of the mounting screws…the brake pedal can’t be adjusted. The brake pedal features a conical brake mod which is a rubber stopper that you can tighten/loosen to fine tune your progressive braking resistance.

“This Upgraded Edition of the T300 continues to impress me and is still the wheel of choice for PS4”

Pros vs Cons


  • 270 to 1080 DOR (degrees of rotation) adjustable in race
  • Easy to upgrade: add on a invertable pedals, and a shifter
  • Force Feedback translates the road really wheel
  • Force feedback is strong, smooth, and quiet
  • The wheel is precise and responsive
  • Swappable rims (works with all Thrustmaster add-on rims)
  • Works with PS4 and PS3


  • Can’t adjust the face plate on the brake pedal
  • Rim is only 28 cm, wish they offered a 30 cm rim
  • Re-enforced rubber grip on the rim deadens some of the vibration effects

Exceptional Driving Experience

The T 300 performs very well when racing. The steering wheel movement feels very natural and you can easily adjust the DOR and wheel sensitivity directly on the wheel base while you are racing. I tend to like low DOR in the 360 range, but love cranking it up to 540ish for drifting and racing on dirt.

The dual belt drive is much quieter and stronger than the Logitech G29 and it delivers a much more realistic feel for the road. Where I can particularly feel a difference is in judging how the back end of the car is gripping the road and how close I am to locking up the brakes. If you set the the conical brake mod to about 75% engaged you can get a nice progressive resistance that feels alot like real brake pressure.

Who Should Buy The Gran Turismo Branded Steering Wheel

T300RS GTIf you are a racer who focuses on lap times and wants a competitive advantage in the GT FIA Competitions, getting a T300 will make you a better racer and move you up the leaderboards.

As a Gran Turismo fan than the branding in the center column of the wheel rim is pretty cool. I think it also looks nice mounted on the official Gran Turismo racing seat.

This is a great mid priced wheel and can work well for you if you are on a fixed budget. Essentially you can add more components on later and they only other think you might want now is the H-Patter 7 speed shifter. That would take your total to around $550 of so for the GT wheel and TH8A shifter.

PSVR with the Thrustmaster GT

Drive Club VR

Pairing a T300 GT with the PSVR is the ULTIMATE racing experience in your home. With the Playstation Virtual Reality headset on, the great responsive force feedback effects you get from the wheel base, and the progressive resistance on the brake pedal, racing simple can’t get much more immersive.

All of your senses start working in tandem and you can even look into the apex of the turns to make sure you are are nailing the racing line. With the PSVR and T300 you can really take advantage of your natural driving abilities since the wheel does an excellent job of simulating the road and helping you feel how your car is behaving.


Other T300 Package Options

This GT Edition price wise sits perfectly between the T300 stock edition and the T300 Integral Edition. If you are a casual or serious racing gamer this wheel is a great place to start. The three pedal set makes it a better choice than the T300 stock version, but it is a notch below the Intengral Edition which features a 30 cm Alcantara rim and an adjustable brake pedal face plate.

Thrustmaster GT Edition Compatibility


PS3, PC, PS4


Wheel works with T3PA Wide pedals, T3PA Pro pedals, the T500 pedals, Logitech pedals, or a set of Fanatec pedals with an after market adapter, TH8A shifter, and all Thrustmaster add on rims: 458 GTE rim, TM GT 28 leather, 599XX EVO, Ferrari F1)

GT Eco System Upgrades


Mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount on a chassis. I recommend hard mounting to a wheel stand or sim racing seat if you can.


1 year warranty US and 2 years in some European countries.

T300 Gran Turismo Edition Review Conclusion

This wheel is not a new offering from Thrustmaster, but simply a rebranding and slight makeover of my already favorite PlayStation wheel the T300. I like this package better than the T500 and the T300RS stock edition, but its a notch below the Integral Edition which has a better rim. Overall performance wise this is a FANTASTIC wheel and a great choice for Gran Tursimo or any other PlayStation racing game. It’s priced well to the market and delivers a performance above its price point.

One of the best features of this package is the ability to upgrade. You can add on the pieces you want later like a shifter, invertable pedals, or an F1 rim and you don’t have to shell out now for those pieces. The strength of this entire GT Edition package is in the T300 servo motor which is still my best recommendation for racing on PS4.

“The technology inside the wheel base was built to last and out performs the clunky helical gearing of the Logitech G29”
If the brake pedal face plate was adjustable and it came with a 30 cm Alcantara rim this would have been rated 5 stars. All in all though a great wheel that kicks ass on your console.

PSRP 4.5
Buy Now

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Have your tried theThrustmaster GT Force Feedback Steering Wheel? Let me know in the comments.

Thrustmaster T300 GT Edition
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