Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base PS4 Review | $260

Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base PS4 Review | $260

The Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base was relead in Dec of 2015 as a stand alone unit. This allows you to get the best part of the T300 system and add whatever rim and pedal set you want to it. The T300RS was originally released in 2014 with a stock rim and two pedal set, which you can see here.

What You Need To Know About The T300 RS Thrustmaster Motor

This is the wheel base ONLY. It does not come with a rim or pedals, it is only the T300 motor which is a great starting point to build your racing setup from. This is the same servo base that powers my #1 rated wheel and it delivers smooth, quiet and strong force feedback. It works perfectly in tandem with PSVR and is one of they components in creating an immersive racing experience. If you were looking for a solid wheel base to build around, this is quality and affordability wrapped in one unit.

T300RS Servo Base Specs

Brushless servomotor, dual-belt mechanism; H.E.A.R.T technology, Rotation angle adjustable from 270 to 1080 degrees, PS4 / PS3 sliding switch for switching between platforms, works natively on the PS4 system industrial-class brushless servo motor, no latency, friction-free optimized mechanism, internal memory and upgradeable firmware (via PC compatibility), Thrustmaster Quick Release system for swapping racing wheels, table clamp, built-in screw threads for attachment to all cockpits, also works on the PC

Great Build and Top Quality Materials

T300RS servobase_2The T300RS Servo Base is built to last because it uses contact-less sensors that eliminate friction and maintain high precision. The wheel base is encased in a hard plastic shell and weighs about 9 pounds. It does a great job of translating the feel of the road and you can really sense your cars traction when you drive with it.

The one thing that stands out about the quality the T300 servo base is how quiet it is. Barely any noise comes out of it and yet it performs like a monster with vibration and force feedback! There is a built in fan that will cut on occasionally to keep the motor cool under duress. You can actually change the settings of the fan using the firmware so that you can control how often the fan comes on.

In addition The T300 Servo base has one of the best auto centering mechanisms. This means the wheel swings back to center when you let it go. This not only creates simulated driving feel, but will help you control your car through drifts particularly in corner exits.

The servo base comes with a plug, table clamp, and instructions. For complimentary products like a wheel rim, shifter, and a pedal set you need to order separately and then plug the components into the servo wheel base.

“The T300Rs Servo Base is a great starting point for building your PS4 racing setup the way you want it”

Thrustmaster Eco-system

Pros vs Cons


  • 270 to 1080 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly
  • works with all the components of the Thrustmaster eco-system
  • Great force feedback delivered smooth and quiet
  • Thrustmaster’s quick release system makes it easy to swap rims
  • Best auto-centering mechanism in a PS4 wheel
  • PS3, PS4, PC compatible
  • Uses friction free technology
  • Mountable on all popular cockpits and wheel stands


  • None

Who Should Buy The T 300 Wheelbase

This is for someone who wants more than the T300Rs Standard Edition of the T300Rs Integral Edition. essentially if you want to build your own setup and start with a great wheel base this is for you. There maybe better options for PC users, but for PS4 owners this is the best wheel base you can get at this price.

Using the Wheelbase With PlayStation VR Headset

Drive Club VR

If you own a PSVR headset and are looking to create a sim racing experience, than the T300 servo base is the best place to start. It works perfectly in tandem with Sony VR headset and because it has true force feedback, a great vibration motor, and up to 1080 degrees of wheel rotation it creates one of the most immersive gaming experiences you will ever have on your console. The PSVR allows you to look into the apex of a turn and the wheel provides a realistic resistance from your tires and the road to give you a sense that you are actually racing in a car. You can read more about my best recommendation for a PSVR racing setup here.

What Would A Customized Setup Look Like

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro ReviewFor example if you wanted a high grade pedal set than the T300 Integral version offers, then you can add the T3PA Pro Pedals, which not only are made of 100 metal, but they are invertable for F1 style to Gt style.

These pedals are very similar to the highly acclaimed T500 pedal set which is not sold as a stand alone set. You can read more about them here.

Thrustmaster f1 rimAnother option to consider would be the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 rim. This rim is a full scale replica of the 2011 Ferrari rim used by the Ferrari F1 Team. It features dials and switches and is one of the coolest looking rims on the market. if you had a preference for an F1 rim over a standard cyliner, this might be an option for you.

You can read more about the Ferrari F1 Rim Add-On here.

There are also plenty of other options to choose for Thrustmaster rims with my best suggestion being the 599XX Evo rim.

My Best Recommendation For a PS4 Thrustmaster Setup

The T300 Servo base is a great starting point for making a custom racing setup. If you were looking to put together a Thrustmaster sim racing setup for your PlayStation, here are the 4 components I would recommend.

All together these products would cost about $740 USD and give you a complete sim racing setup with a wheel, clucth, and shifter for your PlayStation.

T300RS Servo Base Compatibility


PS3, PC, PS4


The T 300 Servo base will work with T3PA Standard Pedals, T3PA Pro pedals, the T500 pedals, Logitech pedals, or a set of Fanatec pedals with an after market adapter, TH8A shifter, and all Thrustmaster add on rims: GTE rim, TM 28 leather, 599 EVO, Ferrari F1


Mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount on a chassis. My best adice would be to hard mount the wheel base.


1 year warranty US and 2 years in some European countries.

T300 Servo Base Review for PS4 Conclusion

The T300 Servo Base is a great place to start building an affordable racing setup for your PS4 or PC. The build quality of this motor is really top notch and I expect this product to last a long time. Early on some PC users complained of force feedback effects reducing, but Thrustmaster has issued a firmware update that resolved those issues which had to do with the temperature of the wheel. Now you can control the fan in the wheel better and get more performance out of the motor.

“If you are looking to customize your own racing setup and leave some room to afford the pedals and rims you want…the T300 servo base is a no brainer”
The price of the servo base is competitive to the market and overall I think it performs great. I have logged almost 400 hours on the T300 motor and have yet to see any signs of wear and tear. This is by far one of the best accessories I have ever picked up for my PlayStation. It has almost 200 reviews at Amazon with a 4 star rating and that is pretty impressive.

PSRP 4.5
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Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base and Related Products

Have your tried the Thrustmaster T300RS Racing wheel Servo Base? Let me know in the comments below.

Thrustmaster T300RS Servo Base

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