Thrustmaster T300RS Ferrari Alcantara Edition PS4 Review | $470

Thrustmaster T300RS Ferrari Alcantara Edition PS4 Review | $470

The Thrustmaster T300RS Ferrari 599XX Evo Alcantara Edition also known as the Integral Edition was released in December of 2015. It is a considered a mid priced racing wheel, it’s comparable to the T500, and is our #1 recommended wheel for the PS4.

The T300RS standard edition was originally released in 2014 with a two pedal set and a stock rim, but this upgraded package offers a higher end wheel rim and a 3 pedal (gas, brake, and clutch). This wheel and pedal set offers the most simulated and immersive racing experience you can get on your console.

What You Need To Know About the T300 Integral Bundle

This bundle package consists of the T300RS servo base, the T3PA Wide pedal set, and the 599XX Evo rim, which are three products sold separately by Thrustmaster. When you buy this bundle you save about $70 USD.

This Thrustmaster wheel is rated our #1 steering wheel for the PlayStation 4 for several reasons: It is a great value for the price, the 599XX Evo rim is larger than other rims and delivers great force feedback, it comes with a 3 pedal set which has a brake with an optional conical brake mod, and the T300Rs wheel base is a high quality motor with smooth, quiet, and strong force feedback. If I had to start my console racing career over, I would have wanted to start with this package I would have saved myself alot of money and headaches.

Also worth noting When combined with PSVR, it even takes virtual reality over the top. The wheel base has very good force feedback and vibration which upgrades even a virtual reality experience.

First let’s take a look at the wheel rim…

Thrustmaster T300 RS Ferrari 599XX Evo Video Review

The video below discusses the 599XX Evo rim that comes standard on the T300Rs Integral edition wheel.


T300RS Ferrari 599XX Integral Edition Racing Wheel Specs

The Wheel Rim: 11.8 inch diameter D-shaped rim, rim is wrapped in Alcantara from the Ferrari factory in Italy, rim is an 8/10 size replica of the racing wheel from the Ferrari 599XX EVO race car, modeled after automotive standards with polyurathane molding, steel internal hoop.

The Wheelbase: 270 to 1080 to degrees of adjustable rotation, wheel Resolution is 16 bits/65536 steps, friction-free dual-belt mechanism motor, force feedback motor is brushless, Internal memory and upgradeable firmware, native PS4 compatibility where you can navigate user interface, rim can be swapped out via thrustmasters quick-release system, 11 action button (2 on base) + D-pad, 2 metal Paddle shifters are 5 inches (13 cm) – wheel mounted (rotate with the wheel), mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount,

Pedals: 3 pedal set (throttle, brake, and clutch ) with adjustable angles and spacing on the pedal face plates, pedal resoltuion is 10 bits/1024 steps, brake has conical brake mod that ofers progressive resistance.

Excellent Build and High Quality Materials

T300Rs Integral EditionThe T300RS Integral Edition is a high quality make, with one of the most impressive rims on the market. The rim is built with real Alcantara from the Ferrari factory in Italy. The rim is very well padded and feels comfortable in your hands and delivers force feedback nice and strong into your arms . Everything about the build of the rim is quality and LEGIT.

At 30 cm in diameter the rim is slightly bigger than most other wheels on the market which are about 28 cm. The paddle shifters move move with the wheel and when the paddles are engaged they make a nice “click” sound and spring back to position. The buttons are easy to access, which makes hitting the handbrake while your driving in games like Dirt Rally alot easier. The wheel rim is well padded and you can feel alot of micro-vibrations coming through into your fingers which feells very immersive while you are driving.

The 3 pedal set (gas, brake, and clutch) have metal face plates and each pedal has a different pressure sensitivity when you push them down. the brake offers the option for a conical brake mod, which is a rubber stopper that you can adjust the pressure up to 55 lbs. The pedlas are mounted on a plastic wheel base, which is able to be mounted to a chassis. The super wide foot rest and pedal stantions are made of plastic, but all of the internal components are metal.

The T300RS servo base (which is the motor that powers the setup) has smooth, strong, and extremely quiet force feedback. It feels much lighter in your hands than the T500, which is Thrustmasters flagship wheel in 2011, but delivers an equivocal amount of performance. You can change the sensitivity and rotation degrees directly from the wheelbase and there is an internal fan in the motor that keeps the engine smooth under duress. It also has the best auto-centering mechanism on the market, which swings your wheel back to center position when you let it go.

“This is the package to get, it has the most bang for your buck…a solid wheel base, a FANTASTIC rim, and a 3 pedal set with a progressive brake”

Pros vs Cons


  • 270 to 1080 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly
  • Easy to upgrade: add on a shifter
  • Wheel rim does a GREAT job translating the feel of the road and the car
  • Wheel rim is one of the best looking rims on the market
  • Wheel rim is 11.8 inches which is larger than most rims
  • Great force feedback delivered smooth and quiet
  • The metal paddle shifters have a nice spring to them
  • The wheel feels lite in your hands and makes it easy to steer
  • Swappable rims (works with all Thrustmaster add-on rims)
  • Plug in and play with the PS4, by flipping a switch
  • Comes standard with a 3 pedal set (Throttle, brake, and clutch)
  • Brake has a mod that offers progressive resistance


  • Pedals are not inveratble
  • Maybe an issue shifting if you have small hands
  • The pedals have a long throw

Who Should Buy The T300 Integral Edition Steering Wheel

In my opinion this rim on this wheel base is tough to beat. It is priced competitively to the market and you can easily get this package and be done. If you wanted to upgrade, it all works with the Thrusmaster eco-system so you could add on a shifter, an invertable pedal set, or other racing rims if you wanted. This is the most comprehensive package offered for the PlayStation4 and should be considered if you are more than a casual racer.

Best Driving Performance With PlayStation VR

Drive Club VR

If you are looking for a sim racing experience to combine with a PSVR this bundle will take VR racing games to the next level. Because the wheel has true force feedback, adjustable rotation, a solid vibration engine, and a brake with progressive resistance it makes driving with a VR headset feel like driving for real.

Whats cool about driving with the PSVR is that you can look into the apex of a turn, with a high graded wheel like the T300 it helps you feel out how your car is handling and make fine tuning steering adjustments so you can take the most efficient line through the turn. Now you are not just driving with your eyes in the VR headset you are making inputs with your hands on the wheel and the pedals at your feet.


Three Other T300 Package Options

So overall there are 3 ways you can get the T300RS. There is the Integral Edition which we are discussing here with the 599XX evo rim and T3PA pedal set, but then there are three other package options to consider.

T300RS Servo Base

T300RS Servo BaseYou can buy the servo base by itself and then you can add the exact rim and pedal set you want to go with it. This is the wheel base only and then you would purchase the components separately. I would get that if you were considering getting the T3PA pro pedals.

You can read more about the T300RS Servo Base here.

T300RS Standard Edition

Thrustmaster T300 reviewThe Standard Edition is the T300RS servo base, with a two pedal set, and a stock rim which features your standard PlayStation buttons and a d-pad. If you were on a limited budget and still wanted a T300Rs, this is a great place to start.

You can read more about the T300RS Standard Edition here.

T300 Gran Tursimo Edition

Gran Turismo WheelThe GT Edition is the T300RS servo base, with a three pedal set and a stock rim which features the Gran Tursimo game logo. If you were looking for a GT branded wheel rim this is your option, but to be honest the Alcantara rim is nicer.

You can read more about the GT Edition here.

T 300RS Compatibility | PlayStation and PC


PS3, PC, PS4

Lots of Thrustmaster Accessories Can Be Added

Wheel also works with T3PA Pro pedals, the T500 pedals, Logitech pedals, or a set of Fanatec pedals with an after market adapter, TH8A shifter, and all Thrustmaster add on rims: GTE rim, GT 28 leather rim, 599 EVO, Ferrari F1.


Mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount on a chassis. My best advice would be to hard mount it.


1 year warranty US and 2 years in some European countries.

T300 RS Integral Edition Review Conclusion for PS4

I can’t say enough about how much I like this offering from Thrustmaster. They make it really easy to switch platforms between PS3 and PS4 by just flipping a switch on the wheel base. It works seemlessly with PSVR and even makes that experience better. The 599XX rim alone makes this package better than the T500 Racing Wheel that Thrustmaster built its reputation on…this just feels better in your hands and really translates the road.

The auto-center mechanism used on the wheel base will help you control your car through drifts, aid in recovery from driving errors, and help reduce your lap times. That is one of best slept on features on the T300. I love that this package offers the T3PA pedal set standard. sure they are not invertable like the T3PA Pro’s, but they are a great pedal set, built well, and the conical brake mod does a good job with progressive resistance. The only thing you need to add to this package is the shifter and you are set!!

“For the price, this is the best valued racing wheel package on the market for the PS4, hands down”
If I was starting over looking for a great wheel for the PS4, this would be my ideal package…great value and leaves you money in your pocket for getting a cockpit to mount the wheel to. Very easily the T300Rs Integral edition is our first wheel with a 5 star rating.

PSRP 5.0
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Thrustmaster T300RS Ferrari EVO 599XX Edition and Related Products

Have your tried the Thrustmaster T300RS Integral edition Force Feedback Steering Wheel? Let me know in the comments.

Thrustmaster T300RS Integral Edition
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