Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals Review | $100

Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals Review | $100

The Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set was released in March of 2015 and was the first 3 pedal set made compatible for next gen consoles.

They were originally made for the Thrustmaster TX wheel on Xbox One, but since have been adopted to work with several other Thrustmaster racing wheels including the T300 and T500 models and work great with both PlayStation and PC setups.

What You Need To Know About This Pedal Set

For about $100 USD, you can not only add a clutch to racing set up, but it also has a conical rubber brake mod, that simulates progressive braking resistance. Overall the throw on the pedals is a bit long for my preference, but this sure beats the stock pedals that come with the T150 racing wheel or the T300RS officially licensed edition. This pedal set is a nice inexpensive upgrade to your racing setup.

Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals Video Review

T3PA Pedal Specs

Dimensions: 17.5 x 10 x 15.5 inches ; 5 pounds

3 pedal set (throttle, brake, clutch), 100% metal face plates, metal internal structure, Accelerator pedal-approx. 5.5 lbs of pressure; Brake pedal-approx. 22 lbs. (without Conical Rubber Brake Mod); Brake pedal: 33-55 lbs., according to your preference (w/Conical Rubber Brake Mod); Clutch pedal-approx. 11 lbs of pressure, plastic base with a textured foot rest, pre-drilled holes for cockpit mounting.

Good Construction and Quality

T3PA Wide Pedal SetThese pedals are built pretty tough. I have logged over 300 hours of racing on mine and they are still going strong. The conical brake mode is made from industrial-grade high-density rubber and it fits perfectly underneath the brake pedal.

“For the amount of abuse and hours I have put this pedal set through with hard braking and jamming down the trottle, I am impressed with how well they held up”
The only issue I had was after around 100 hours, the throttle was squeaking a bit, like metal on metal. I contacted Thrustmaster and they said it was safe to spray WD40 in the pedal and the throttle hasn’t squeaked since.

Pros vs Cons


  • Priced to sell
  • Simulates progressive brake pressure
  • Adjustable brake mod
  • Adds a clutch to your setup
  • Metal internal components
  • Built to last


  • Pedals are not invertable
  • Foot Rest is plastic
  • The throw path of the pedals is a bit long
  • Only the pedal face plates move to adjust spacing and angle


How Does The Conical Brake Mod Work?

First as I mentioned in the specs the brake without the mod can handle approx. 22 lbs of pressure. The brake pedal with the mod attached can handle 33-55 lbs. of pressure which is adjustable to your preference.

Here is how the brake mod is adjusted:

T3PA Conical Brake Mod

For my setup I have the brake mod about 75% engaged. I use more of a tap braking technique and depending on the game I may increase the brake sensitivity and add a slight touch of deadzone on the inside.

Performance When Racing and Doing Heavy Braking

The T3PA’s perform very nicely especially under duress. I have literally beat the hell out of the 3 pedals stomping on the brake and jamming the throttle pedal. The metal face plates feel a little slippery at first if you are driving with socks on, but then you get a feel for it. The wide foot rest is comfortable on your heel and gives you a nice large area to maneuver your foot around.

The brake mod is easy to adjust and you can set it right to the point before lock up. I put a ton of pressure on the brake pedal and it really has not only held up well, but made a big difference in my lap times.

My best suggestion for the Thrustmaster T3PA wide set is to hard mount them if you can. They will slide on the carpet especially with the conical brake mod engaged because it really stiffens up your pedal.



PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One

NOTE: The pedals plug into your wheelbase (the plug is included), and not directly into your console or PC

Thrustmaster T Series Racing Wheels:

T300, TX, T150, T500, TMX


Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and all Thrustmaster add-on rims. Easily mounts on all popular wheel stands and racing cockpits.


1 year warranty US and 2 years in some European countries.

Who Should Buy The T3PA Wide Pedal Set

If you currently using a Thrustmaster racing wheel (T300, TX, TMX, or T150) with a two pedal set, than this is a no brainer upgrade for $100. If you are looking to custom build your racing setup starting with the T300 servo base or the TX servo base (Xbox One), these pedals will get you in the 3 pedal market. These are also great if you intend on adding the Thrustmaster shifter to your setup.

For someone looking for invertable pedals or something with a little more weight, the Pro pedals maybe a better consideration, but it comes with a higher price. You can see the comparison chart below for more details…


The T3PA Standard Version Pedals vs The Pro Pedals

The chart below shows the differences between the T3PA standard pedals and the T3PA Pro Pedals:

T3PA Pedal Set Comparisson

While The T3PA Pro set has more options and it is heavier, it comes with a bit more of a price tag for the ability to invert and have more pedal adjustability. The pro set is also made entirely of metal and the pedals have such a strong snap back that Thrustmaster advises only using the Pro set with a pair of sneakers (no bare feet and no socks). The T3PA standard set is pretty casual and I race with bare feet all the time! You can read more about the Pro Pedals here.

Can you Add After Market Pedal Plates

You can change out the pedal plates, but it takes some creativity. There is no standard set of pedal plates or covers that fit correctly on the stantions. However you can get an aluminum set of after market pedals and drill into them and then screw them onto the stantions. I was able to do this with a pair of Sparco pedals. Not only did these look and feel more immersive while racing, but it added a lot of grip.

Here are Spacro pedal plates loaded on my T3PA pro set. This mod will work on on both the Wide and the Pro set because the mounting screws are exactly the same.

After Market pedal plates T3pa

T3PA Thrustmaster Pedal Set Review Conclusion

I love this three pedal set because it is a great value for the price. When I first got them I was using a two pedal stock set that cam with the Thrustmaster TX racing wheel. The T3PA’s changed the game for me. Simply adding the clutch pedal and progressive resistance to your racing…

“…you will not only see a SIGNIFCANT decrease in your lap times, but you will increase your immersion”
I only wish they offered this set as the standard with the T300 and T150 for the PS4. This 3 pedal set is a big upgrade in quality and performance from the stock pedals that come with those wheels.

While this set does have it’s drawbacks like the pedals are not invertable and the brake simulates progressive resistance, but it’s not real (like a load cell brake), for the price this pedal set is UNREAL! Sure you can find a better pedal set, even in the T3PA Pro version, but not at the price point Thrustmaster offers these. This is a well reviewed pedal set at Amazon with over 40 reviews and 4.5 stars, I feel comfortable rating this set a solid 4 stars!

PSRP 4.0
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Have your tried the Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals? Let me know in the comments.

Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
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