Thrustmaster T500 Steering Wheel Review PS4 | $600

Thrustmaster T500 Steering Wheel Review PS4 | $600

The Thrustmaster T500 was released in January of 2011. It is a considered a mid to high end racing wheel and was originally released for PS3 and PC, but does work on the PS4.

This wheel is generally regarded by the sim racing community as a CLASSIC and it set the benchmark for high end console peripherals. It is best known for it’s incredible build quality, solid 3 pedal set that is invertable, and a great driving experience.

What You Need To Know

The Thrustmaster T500 has got a few years on it now, but it is still a big seller because of it’s ability to work on the PS4. I personally think that it is getting a bit dated and there are better products on the market now, even by Thrustmaster, and they have more consumer friendly price points.

While this wheel does work on the PS4, it does not work natively (more on that in the review below). Don’t get me wrong the T500 is an OUTSTANDING racing wheel that delivers an immersive racing experience, but it’s past it’s prime and there are better options like the T300 that you should consider.

Thrustmaster T500 Video Review

This is an older review and the pricing may have changed, but this guy does a great job of quickly braking down what you should expect from the steering wheel.

T500 Steering Wheel Specs

12″ (30 cm) diameter rim with brushed metal central spokes and a rubber grip rim, rim is fully detachable through Thrustmasters Quick-Release System, 2 6.5 inch brushed metal paddle shifters attached to the base (so they don’t move with the wheel) H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology, 16-bit resolution (65536 steps on the steering), contactless magnetic sensors to eliminate friction, brushed industrial motor (Torque 150mNm, 3000rpm, 65W, 52mm/2″), belt driven Force Feedback mechanism, adjustable rotation from 270 to 1080°, 11 action buttons (2 on base) + d pad, invertable pedal set 2: Floor-mounted position (F1-style) and Suspended position (GT-style). weighs 15.4lbs, 3 100% adjustable pedals with 10 bits/1025 steps resolution, brake pedal with reinforced and adjustable resistance (includes a removable “Realistic Brake” mod) and has a metal footrest with non-slip grating texture, Internal memory and upgradeable firmware.

Build and Quality

Thrustmaster T500 reviewThis wheel is built with great craftsmanship and has one of the strongest pedal sets ever made. The wheel and pedals have lots of metal components and the fact that they used contactless sensors means the precision wont decrease over time. Both the wheelbase and pedal sets are heavy which increase their stability and will give you confidence that it will not brake when you drive on them agressively.

the force feedback is incredibly strong (can be adjusted down) and the motor delivers it smooth and quietly.

“The wheel is larger than most rims, has strong force feedback, pedals look and feel great, and it’s built with more metal and durable parts than most wheel and pedal sets.”

Pros vs Cons


  • 270 to 1080 degrees of rotation adjustable on the fly
  • Simulates progressive brake pressure and has removable brake mod
  • Works with the TH8A shifter
  • Wheel does a GREAT job translating the feel of the road and the car
  • High quality build with lots of metal parts
  • 12 inch wheel rim (most wheels have 11 inch)
  • Invertable pedal set
  • Swappable rims (works with all Thrustmaster add-on rims)


  • PS4 compatibility is not native, so you have to use a gamepad to navigate to the game and then switch over to the wheel to drive
  • The rim is made of re-enforced rubber, newer rims are being made with leather
  • Wheel is becoming outdated and the price is not reflecting the current market
  • There is a lot of damping on the wheel which makes the wheel feel heavy in your hands

Who Should Buy This Racing Wheel

If you are racing on the PS3 or PC than this is a fantastic wheel (plus the added benefit is it works with PS4). To spend the money on this, I would say you need to be MUCH more than a casual racer. This wheel is a monster and is intended for someone with a sim racing habit. If you are looking for a CLASSIC wheel that set the peripheral world on fire when it was released, then this is it.



PS3, PC, PS4 (not native: need to use a controller to get into games and then switch to wheel to race)


Wheel works with T3PA Wide pedals, T3PA Pro pedals, Logitech pedals, or a set of Fanatec pedals with an after market adapter, TH8A shifter, and all Thrustmaster add on rims: Ferrari 458 GTE rim, 28 GT Rim, Ferrari 599 EVO, Ferrari Formula 1)


Mounting with desk/table clamp/or hard mount on a chassis


1 year warranty US and 2 years in some European countries.

Review Conclusion

The T500 is a gem and the flagship wheel of the Thrustmaster brand, but it’s better days are probably behind it. While I love this racing wheel for everything it is, I would have a hard time recommending to someone looking for a new wheel for the PS4. If you are a PC person, sure this wheel is still a solid option, but for everyone else you may want to consider the T300. My biggest driving complaint is that the T500 wheel feels pretty heavy in your hands compared to new wheels, which are a bit easy to control and simulate a more realistic driving feel.

“The wheel and pedals work great even on the PS4 and deliver an excellent immersive racing experience, but the cost compared to the current market is overpriced”
If Thrustmaster can offer the T500 for around $450, then I would say it is worth a hard consideration…Until then though I would at least explore your options if you want a PS4 wheel.

The T500 by Thrustmaster is well reviewed at Amazon with over 80 customer reviews and an average of 4.0 stars. Don’t be deceived by reviews from 2011, the wheel had a lot of issues when it was releases (make sure you read current reviews).

If it was 2011 this would be a 4.5 or 5 star wheel, but a lot of time has passed, alot of new wheels have come out with native PS4 compatabilitly, and the T500 price hasn’t budged…this is now a 4 star wheel.

PSRP 4.0
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Thrustmaster T500
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